the most complex pretender

The Most Abstract And Complex Pretender

I am only interested in the shallow qualities of a person, the edges, as I do know they are pure.

The more in depth the person is trying to portray himself, the shallower he is. He is an in depth pretender.

The more someone tries to justify his interests by bringing up reasons which may vary from personal psychology to saving the world, the shallower he is. He is a bullshit pretender.

The greater someone tries to make his art, the shallower he is. He is an abstract pretender.

The deeper message someone tries to send via language, the shallower he is. He is a linguistic pretender.

Almost anything which doesn't come naturally, almost by an accident, is pretending. The mankind has become the most complex and abstract pretending agent of the entire universe.

That would be quite an accomplishment if there were any competition.