Calling The Shots: Buddhism and Meditation

In Vietnam, I met a little vietnamese girl whose father had ran away from his family to become a Buddhist monk in a local monastery.

This devoted buddhist left his family in despair, because he couldn't handle the responsibility of having a family.

Similar to the little girl's father, almost all Buddhists are refugees of the world.

They cannot handle being part of the world so they isolate themselves into monasteries. Living in a monastery is just another bubble, but a smaller one.

Buddhists have their own dress code, eating habits, rituals, inhabitants and their own doctrines.

Buddhists are running away from everyone else to their own little group of outcasts. It's okay to be an outcast, but let's face the facts.

Buddhists create their own world, which is actually more egotistical than they believe.

What else do Buddhists do? They meditate.

They spend decades meditating and learning one simple truth: everything is meditation. After you find the truth, everything you do is an act of meditation.

Meditation is ultimately for the people who need it. It's for the people who aren't touch with themselves and need to meditate in order to take time for themselves.

Most people's minds are occupied with constant bullshit and ideas of someone else. Meditation can act as a tool to take time for yourself, but so can anything else.

What are your other options? To actually live and do what you want to do.

Let's not kid ourselves with this shit. How does a person get an idea to just sit down and do nothing with an empty mind for the purpose of achieving a peace of mind?

It sounds like some bullshit only a mind could come up with.

You don't see animals meditating although they happen to be the masters at it. They are better than the old "masters" who spent 30 years learning how to meditate.

Let me tell you how to actually meditate.

When you feel tired, you should rest and rest completely. When you are feeling energized and great, you should go out and do what you want to do.

Trying to mediate when you don't feel like it, isn't an act of meditation even if you think you are "meditating". When you meditate when you don't feel like it, you are doing anti-meditation. 

True meditation is living your life and doing what you want to do, when you want to do it.

Meditation is just an idea. Start being and solve all of the silly ideas inside your head.

If Buddhists actually understood meditation, they would know that when you are yourself, you are always meditating. Walking is meditation. When you sleep you definitely meditate. Everything you do is an act of meditation.

The most honest person who practices "meditation" is the one who uses the concept of meditation as a means to show off: "Look, I am meditating!".

The madness of buddhists doesn't stop here.

Buddhists think nothingness is better than everything without realizing it's only the other part of life.

Buddhists have somehow came up with AN IDEA, that doing nothing is better than everything. They run away from their natural instincts in order to practice what they call "nothing".

If nothing matters, why does it matter to live like nothing matters? Just live.

Life is a paradox. Everything and nothing are equally important. Because they are equally important, there is no need to practice or focus on either one. Let the chips fall where they may.

The ones who describe themselves as buddhists are refugees of their own souls. They just want to be part of a community where they feel like they are valued and respected.

Low level misfits join the group of misfits to feel like they belong. 

Like in all language systems, whether it's Buddhism or philosophy, people use the doctrines as temporary bandages for their inner pain.

Buddhism was designed to be a practical system that relieves people from their suffering.

Buddhism is the opposite of what Buddha preached about. Buddha is a great friend of mine, although he is no longer here.

What Buddhists have created is a system and doctrines called Buddhism. They are coping with the suffering with Buddhism, but not really dealing with it.

The highest form of Buddhism is to not be a buddhist at all. Anyone who defines himself as a buddhist, still has no idea about what they are doing.

Buddhism is the legacy of Buddha. You are leaning towards Buddha's soul instead of your own.​

Zen and Buddhism

Zen Buddhism is a small niche group of Buddhism. Zen is a community of clever men, who have found out that maybe there is more to life than just the rationality of the mind.

People of Zen communities actually think Zen is about having clever ideas about everything and nothingness. Yet, they are still living by the ideas of their rational mind.

Real Zen is having no touch with Zen at all. To not care at all.​

At best, people learn to give up the words, but they are still trying and still chasing (That's why they are Buddhists). 

No one is actually living and finding out anything by themselves, they are merely repeating the words of someone else and trying to follow the lead of "the ancient masters".

Most buddhists are reflections of someone else - no one has straight hand knowledge about anything, because all of them are too scared to live and find out the truth by themselves.

Let me tell you what Zen really is.

Everything original and authentic is Zen, because it comes directly from the source. My word is the word of God.

Zen is meditation. Zen is flow. Zen is being in the "zone".​ All of these are just words for living life to the fullest.

Most buddhists don't talk about their own experiences, because they don't feel like they are worthy enough to talk about what they are interested in. Rather everything they say is a spinoff of someone else's words.

When you want to talk real shit instead of interpretations, buddhists gasp and suggest you to read these books and then study these papers in order to really understand reality.

Read books to understand reality?

Come on. Reality is right here. Right here in my fingertips. Right here in my eyes.

This is the reality.


Reality and everything buddhists talk about is merely an interpretation of reality. Words only point to the truth, they never can possess it. 

Only reason you cling to these lifeless forms is because you are afraid to fully accept yourself and your past.

Relieving from suffering and giving up on attachments is exactly what Buddha preached about. Buddha wanted to heal, not indoctrinate.

Attachments are past experiences you are unwilling to accept. You are using bandages (ideas, concepts, words) to cope with the pain instead of just dealing with it.

Grow up. Deal with the pain and stop running away from your soul.

Cry if you need to. Laugh if you need to. Just stop running away.