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Calling The Shots: Philosophy And Academia

Philosophers think logic and reason can actually produce enough information of the ultimate reality we are living in.

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Calling The Shots: Buddhism and Meditation

Calling The Shots: Buddhism and Meditation. Buddhists are running away from everyone else to their own little group of outcasts.

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delusional about money

Westerners And Their Money Delusion

‚ÄčAll of the places are always clean and beautiful. People have completely lost their touch with the substance that makes the entire system work: Money.

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6 Timeless Success Strategies I Learned From UFC Champions

The time I worked on MMA, I had an opportunity to dig deep into the mindsets of the fighters and understand what made the UFC champions so successful.

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Why Apple, Ferrari And Harley Davidson Are The Best Brands In The World

The real materialists are those who judge products and brands solely on their mechanical and technical attributes.

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Spectacular looking mind graphics

The Endpoint Of Reason Is To Live Unreasonably Without Any Reason

What life is about, is proving to reason that there is no need for it.

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On a road with a motorcycle

Self-Improvement Is Chasing A Lie

Self-improvement is fundamentally avoidance of action, and procrastination of moving in the direction of personal inclinations.

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Great Men Shape The Universe Through Time And Space

Great men reflect their momentary existence through time and space. Not only are millions of people influenced by the wisdom and knowledge of great men, even the actual landscapes are morphed into their images.

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