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the end of gurus

The End of Internet Gurus

Be careful who you listen to. Don’t believe everything you see on internet. Fake people are selling fake shit. Avoid broken people and find good people.

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trial by fire

Trial by Fire

Starting a business is about stepping into the unknown. It’s the uncertainty that is the biggest challenge: not getting a steady paycheck and having very little idea of tomorrow.

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the biggest lie

The Biggest Lie You Are Being Told

This is the biggest lie you are being told.

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Alone Way To The Top

The higher you soar, the less people there will accompanying you at your level.

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have no preferences

Have No Preferences Other Than What Is The Best

Have no preferences. If something works and serves others, it serves you. If something doesn’t work and doesn’t serve others, it doesn’t serve you.

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Everything Is Always About The People

Everything is always about the people. Everything else is just extra.

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embrace the grind

Embrace The Grind Because That’s All You Got

Right now, the grind and who I am is the exact same thing.

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becoming nobody to be somebody

Becoming Nobody to be Somebody

You may have noticed that I speak with conviction. I live like everything I do is the right thing to do. I don’t doubt my actions or the decisions I make. This is real self-confidence. ​ Self-confidence is just acknowledging what is and giving up on what is not regarding who you really are. It’s getting rid of all […]

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living on the edge

Living On The Edge

You will find true freedom when you live on the edge. The uncertainty can kill a small man…

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pool party shanghai skytop

Live Faster Because Time Is Speeding Up

You either move with time and evolve, or you are left behind. It’s our time now.

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