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The Ultimate State of Human Performance

This post is about drugs and natural performance. Most people will not be able to see the seriousness of this topic.

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Everything Is a Distraction

Everything Is a Distraction

I realize now that everything I have been doing has been just a distraction. I have mostly been wasting my time.

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zen tree

The Biggest Hindrance of Your Life

If you live in a Western country, your negative attitude towards things that are actually positive is the biggest hindrance of your life.

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How to Get Rid of Boundaries (E G O)

How to get rid of your shadow and kill your ego.

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How to Deal with Death

How to Deal with Death.

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always been the same

You Have Always Been Who You Are

You have always been who you truly are. Always the same.

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the fine line between the genius and the madman

The Fine Line Between A Genius And A Madman

A genius is a successful madman who managed to turn his gift of madness into gold and success.

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the most complex pretender

The Most Abstract And Complex Pretender

The mankind has become the most complex and abstract pretending agent of the entire universe.

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the race

The Race

You start thinking the whole thing is a race. You will be thinking how are you going to compete in the race.

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finnish-winter the greatest act

The Greatest Act

The greatest act is to believe it is one but not another.

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