How to Deal with Death

Death is something I constantly think about. 

Let's go straight to the point.

What is death?​

​Death is the other part of life. Death is the vessel for life. Death is the background for everything.

Death is space. Death is the universe. Death is everything that contains the forms we call life. 

Death is nothingness. It's almost impossible to grasp, because it's not out of this world. It's not part of this world. It's the world where our world lies. 

​Death is the true GOD that brings all forms into life.

Death is God.

Death is Allah.


The present moment is life. It's the consciousness of everything.

When you go to sleep, you experience the closest you can get to death. You lose touch with your senses and most of you disappear.

Only things you have left ​are the fictional dreams your mind creates for you to dream, to feel alive. 

Take away the dreams, and sleeping is being as good as dead. It's being one with the universe.

When you get older, your senses lose their strength. Your sensory information about life is fading away.

Your reaction time slows down and you will further lose touch with the relative reality. Eventually, you become death itself.

There are more things I have realized.

Life and death are everything there is. Our relative world is made of two forces and they are the only duality we have.

Sun is life. Space is death.

What we know today as masculinity or femininity, the ancients knew as fire and water. Or yin and yang.

I don't even want to talk about these elements or yin & yang, but I'm saying they are exactly the same thing I'm talking about here. ​

Yin and yang is about life and death. All of us fall into this duality.

- There are people who are manifestations of life - forms of energy that some day are going to die. These are the yang (fire) types. 

- But then there are manifestations of death. Death that is momentarily alive. These are the yin (water) types. 

The manifestations of life live in the present moment. The manifestations of death always have eye on the next moment.

The manifestations of life take the space, the manifestations of death create the space.

Life is fire lighting up the room. Death is the room where the flame is burning. 

​Life (fire) overcomes. Death (water) adapts.

Fire is the expression of reality. Water is the creator of reality. 

​Life is the masculine, the yang, the fire of all things.

Death is the feminine, the yin, the space for all things.

Feminine is the force that creates life. 

You have no idea how powerful femininity really is, because you are too busy chasing your own masculinity. I don't blame you: masculinity is very easy to define, hence it's very easy to chase. 

That's why you don't know - because you demand explanations... You need rationalizations. 

The nature of femininity is hard to grasp. You will not be able to understand it easily, because the nature of it is abstract by default.

Feminine is nothingness that cares more about tomorrow than the moment we are in now. It's always about the birth of new things, not about itself.

Duality of genders

Everyone has both sides in them, both fire and water, both yin and yang, both masculine and feminine, and both life and death. 

​Women are dominantly feminine, but among women there are women who are more masculine, and then there are women who are more feminine.

Men are dominantly masculine, but there are men who possess the forms of feminine masculinity.

This duality is present in all things.

Masculinity has a feminine side, and the feminine side of masculinity has both masculine and feminine sides. This is never-ending. ​

Everything has a front and a back. Back has a front and a back. Everything is a fractal.

All the suffering ultimately comes from the unwillingness to accept not all individuals of one gender are the same.

Not all men are dominantly masculine. Not all women are dominantly feminine.

It's the biggest misunderstanding of life to think others should be the same as you.

In order to find comfort, people put both genders into strict boxes and think they can define them. The reality is that neither of genders truly exist and can be completely defined. 

​Feminine men are afraid to be like water, because the world doesn't fully accept them. Some are afraid to be like fire, masculine, because as a kid they were brainwashed to think it's wrong to be a brute. 

Masculine women are afraid to stand out, because they are under lots of pressure to stay in the background.

"Do nothing bitches."​

Now, our societies have started to demand more masculine behavior from all women, without realizing a great portion of women don't fit that box. 

This duality between fire and water is the universe's way to create playful competition​. Competition is what causes growth. Growth is the purpose of the universe. 

​You need to find out which is your dominant side. Are you a manifestation of life, or a manifestation of death? 

Only by finding out who you really are, and becoming familiar with both sides, you gain full acceptance of life and death. You will become the master of both worlds. 

I wish you all the best,