How to Get Rid of Boundaries (E G O)

​If you want to be the best at something, they will tell you that's the ego who is talking. 

If you are outspoken and confident, they will tell you have a big ego.

If you are lifting to get girls, they call you egoistical.

If you want money, power, fame or sex, they will call you an egoistical maniac who has mental issues.

​I'm happy to tell you that all of these are just silly attempts to take down your self-worth and prevent you from living.

Most people are brain dead. They are alive, but they aren't fully living.

People like this want to prevent you from living, because your act of living life exposes them and makes them feel bad.

For most people, avoiding discomfort is their life's meaning.

You need to flip the world upside down, because the world is in fact upside down.

Your mind thinks you understand life, but you really don't. The more you live, the more you realize everything is completely upside down. 

Everything is not what it seems.

Your desire for money, power, fame, sex and legacy are coming from the inner of your soul. They are as real as it gets.  

In fact, it's not only okay to accept your desires - it's necessary, because they are the only things that are truly real. You know they are real, you are just afraid to admit it. 

Do you know what I was afraid ​of before I become 'enlightened'?

- I thought I would lose my drive if I got rid of my "ego".

Eventually, it wasn't even my choice to become empty and mindless. It just happened. My drive didn't disappear anywhere: it got strengthened to a level I had never experienced before.​

That's when I became an attention whore who plucks his own eyebrows. 

It's okay to be vain. It's okay to be superficial. It's okay to have "a massive big ego". 

What most people think as vain or superficial, is in fact real depth. What most people think as depth, is nothing but bullshit and lies. 

If inner beauty is the only thing what matters, why do people even attempt to shame those who take excellent care of their body?


Anything I described above weren't your ego. If you allow some lifeless idiots to shame you, your mind will create a matrix of symbols that is called the ego. 

Listen closely now. ​

What people call the matrix, is exactly the same thing as the ego.

Ego means mental boundaries. ​

Ego is social control which is coming from the outside. This includes your parents and the culture you are living in.

Ego is a misunderstood term, because the people who have studied it, haven't really understood themselves. ​

Ego is a mental cage. A mental leash around your neck. The bigger the ego, the smaller is your own consciousness. The bigger the ego, the smaller the cage. 

People who are said to have big egos, like Floyd Mayweather or Vladimir Putin, actually have the smallest egos on Earth.

They are the least bounded by what anyone has to say. 

The more responsibility you accept for yourself and the more boundaries you destroy from yourself, the smaller your ego shrinks. 

The smaller the ego is, the less whispering voices you have inside of your mind. The less doubt you experience and the more confident you are regarding the decisions you make. 

Do you know who have the biggest egos in the entire world?


Children merely accept the boundaries set by their parents.

When a kid walks across the street, the kid automatically remembers the advice of his parents to first look to the left and then to the right, in case cars are driving by. 

​When the kid becomes a teenager, his personal power increases. The boundaries set by his parents are being questioned. 

What happens next? The teenager becomes rebellious: he becomes angry.​

​Anger is the force that will destroy the ego.

Anger destroys the social boundaries of your mind. The boundaries you actually needed when you weren't strong enough to be responsible for your own life. 

When a teenager shouts to his parents and tells them to fuck off (and really means it too), it's actually an act of trying to get the parents out of his head.

It actually works too.

I knew I was already a man at the age of 10, when I said fuck you papa and I ran away to the forest. I did this over and over again. 

I used to get incredibly angry as a teenager (I would throw plates and almost break doors) and I continued to get angry until I was free - until I was all on my own.

Before it was me, my parents and my culture against the world. ​

Now, it's just me against the world.​

You probably feel anger beneath all the bullshit of your mind. Your father pisses you off. You are bitchy about women. You feel like you are being cheated and misguided by the culture you are living in.

So what are you waiting for?​

Get angry.

I mean: get angry for real. ​

I have shouted my lungs out. I have cried myself to sleep. I have screamed until my voice became hoarse. ​

It works.​



After anger comes forgiveness. Forgiveness is acceptance. If you stay hateful or angry - you aren't overcoming anything. You are still fighting against the boundary, not surpassing it. ​

Everything that wants to come out, has to come out. ​If you don't let it out, then you are protecting the ego.

You are protecting someone else's whispering voice inside of your head. What you are really doing, is doubting yourself and trusting someone else instead. You are wondering if it's acceptable to feel this way or not. 

Men are the biggest pussies on Earth. Most men don't have egos telling them they are better than they actually are, instead they have massive egos which tell them they are worthless pieces of shit.

Stand up for your soul.

This is the true meaning for "standing up".

Take the responsibility of your own life and destroy the social boundaries that are limiting your personal growth. ​

If you don't feel anger, then you likely aren't strong enough or you enjoy being someone's little bitch. 

You see, most people need social boundaries, because they cannot fully handle the responsibility of living their own life.

How much you need social boundaries is directly correlated with your mental maturity. ​

Get physically and mentally stronger - eventually you'll hit barriers, which you need to destroy. ​

Life is a process where you begin with a massive ego and low self-confidence, then you grow as a person and the ego keeps shrinking.

Eventually, the ego inside your mind disappears, and you'll become the ego for everyone else. ​

If you get kids, your voice will be the protecting ego inside their mind. When they grow up, you need to embrace the fact that they will tell you to fuck off and leave them alone. ​

I wish you all the best,