embrace the grind

Embrace The Grind Because That’s All You Got

Right now, the grind and who I am is the exact same thing.

Writing is all think about. Building my sites up and producing content is all I do.

Why? Because grinding is everything I need right now.

The grind is actually something that produces real results. It's the only thing that can actually change something.

The grind is the thing that polishes your skills, but most importantly, it makes you feel like you deserve everything you want.

The grind increases your confidence like nothing else. When you put all the work in, you have no doubt in your mind you actually deserve everything you want.

You did everything no one else did, so obviously you should get everything no one else has.

When you acquire the supreme entitlement, everything that you do changes.

Everything changes, because everything you do is a reflection of your own inner self.

Everything I do is who I am.

You may have noticed that all of my websites look stunning.

It's because my life is stunning. I look out of the window, in the mirror or anywhere, and everything looks stunningly beautiful.

The way I see things, is the level I produce. 

If everything is not perfect, do not expect your work to be perfect either. Everything is all the same to me.

Moreover, your mental state reflects on everything you do.

If you feel doubt and you don't honestly believe you deserve everything you want, the vibe behind your work transfers that feeling.

If you don't trust yourself, people who read your work will feel that reality. 

When you truly believe without a shadow of a doubt in what you do, your actions hold a different kind of aura, because you hold a different kind of aura.

You live as everything HAS TO happen. The universe HAS TO make everything into reality.

And what is everything?


There is no longer any choices. There is no longer anything other than ONE. 

Options and choices are illusions. There is only ONE.

Everything that has to happen will happen. The gods will come and there's nothing anyone can do about it.

You can develop your skills and expertise as much as you want, but unless you really have the guts to pull the trigger and actually work hard as hell, you will never succeed.

Hard work is where the money is.​ 

Below is my friend doing impressive 10 strict muscle ups in a row. There is a reason why almost no one in the fitness industry can even do 1 repetition (they are hard).

If you watch the clock in the background, it's 5:18 AM.

We wake up 4 AM to be first guys in the gym at 5 AM. When others are sleeping, we are up. When others are taking rest days and weekends, we are working.

You should take the advantage of every opportunity that you can.

Every day is an opportunity. Every hour is an opportunity. Soon, every minute will be an opportunity.

When everyone else is resting on weekends and working 8 hour days, you can move ahead by working on weekends and working 16 hour days.

Filming the video content usually takes about two or three hours. Later during the passing day, I publish one article with one video on Vahva Fitness. Then I publish another one on Vahva Lifestyle. Finally, I hit the "publish" button on this site.

I do work hard as hell.​

I don't just talk, I actually back everything up. You can check my twitter feed and notice that every day I publish content on my websites.

​All of my websites are out in the public. I stand behind everything I do and I'm transparent about it. I have nothing to hide. 

I produce a lot too.​

I write between 2000 and 4000 words per day.

I write in a week or two the same amount what is required for a master's thesis, when the students in a university take between 6 to 12 months to do it. 

I don't work the usual 40 hour weeks either. I work 120 hours at minimum.

I am always working, always moving forward.

Your work may not progress the way you want to, but the work you put in, will make you progress in a way you cannot even fathom.

If you produce as much as I do, there is no chance you will be the same person only one month from now. 

I already feel different, and it has been less than a week since I launched my websites.​ 

When you grind until you no longer can hold your eyes open, the next day, you will feel like you are something else. You are a new-you.

The next piece that you produce is better than the previous one, because you are better than the person you were yesterday.

The personal growth and change are the only things that​ really comfort me. 

The grind is to cope with uncertainty, and anyone who has faced the absolute uncertainty, knows how it feels like.

The grind is all you got.

Right now, I'm experiencing something new and becoming a master of it. I am willingly letting the new feeling mold me into something else.

The thing is, your body will transform you into anything you need to be, as long as you really feel like you need to be it.

Your body responds to a need, not a desire. However, if you are a complete person, the need and the desire are the same thing.

I am changing into something I need to be in order to be where I want to be.

And what is the transforming force?

- The new feeling that is acquired by doing something new.

Most people, when they get a uncomfortable feeling, they run away like cowards. These people are cowards and traitors of their own soul.

I don't run away from myself and you shouldn't either.

All feelings are equal. All of them perfect.

Every time you do something new and push beyond your boundaries, you experience a new feeling, a new kind of pressure.

The key is to become one with the new experience, and find a way to be comfortable with discomfort. ​

Right now, my feelings beg me to grind. And then grind some more. ​

The feelings aren't enough. You actually have to get something done. 

You can't just do a workout for 40 minutes, and then post motivational EMBRACE THE GRIND pictures on Instagram.​

People talk about Asian work ethic, but I have seen how they work, and in the end, they get very little done. 

The way to work hard and produce something great, is to love what you do.

If kids can play all day long and not get tired, so can I. If some 70-year-old farts can still work 16 hours a day, so can I. And so can you.

Despite working the entire day, I still take my time to take excellent care of myself, eat healthy and workout. All of these are parts of the equation and they should be treated as such.

Despite working all day, I'm never really busy.

Being busy doesn't really exist when you live life on your own terms.

You only become tired when someone else is dictating your rhythm. Work with your own personal rhythm and you will never get tired.

Busy living life?

It doesn't even make any sense.

Sometimes the someone dictating your rhythm is not even here, or isn't even real.

Sometimes your mind is not allowing you to take a rest when you need it, and sometimes your mind is not allowing you to work 100% when you actually could.

There are people who are never completely OFF and never completely ON. They drift somewhere between being alive and not living at all.

Your body and mind will recover ten times faster when you let yourself be completely off, and you will get ten times more work done when you allow yourself to be completely on.

My advice is: start dealing with your shit.

- Memorize the pain. Experience the pain. Accept the pain and you are healed.

When you are finally healed, you are ready to fight in the real world with all the big boys.​

It's your time now.