Everything Is a Distraction

Everything Is a Distraction

In 2015 I dropped out of university to start my business. Now I’m here.

Next month I will be moving to Melbourne, Australia for a while until I return to my home country Finland. It’s an expensive world class city but I’m ready for the challenge and I am no longer poor either.

I used to have low standards. Now my standards are high. I cannot live in shit holes anymore. It’s not good for my physical (hygiene, security) or mental health.

The last 2 years have been intense. Or more like fucking insane.

It’s hard in the beginning because your success will dramatically morph your worldview and everything you thought you knew. This is emotionally painful.

You grow, you change and you transform. It’s losing the lies that hurts. Lies that you were chasing for and the lies that you used to protect yourself with.

Most people need them, but eventually you need to learn how to grow out of them.

So…I am here to tell you that everything you are thinking, everything you want to have and everything you want to do and want to become is just a waste of your life.

All of this is just a distraction. I realize now that everything I have been doing has been just a distraction. I have mostly been wasting my time.

I worked every minute. I have made $$$. I am something.

But the underlying motivations have been garbage.

Everything has been more about proving myself than actually doing.

Everything has been more about getting something and becoming something than actually doing. Everything has been about chasing a lie than actually doing.

I have been doing a lot and I have gotten great results, but in comparison to the real thing it has been just a waste of time.

The thing is, how you are doesn’t really matter. I see people talking about success. About failure. About “average” people. About how to be better. How to improve. How to behave and act.

All of these are just distractions.

It doesn’t matter how you are.

Can you imagine? I was busting my ass, making money, making an impact and making huge improvements in every area of my life — yet I was still wasting my time.

And can you imagine that before I was building a business, I was wasting my time even more with self-improvement and other bollocks?

When I look back to my early 20s, everything I wanted to improve was just meaningless and dumb.

In my old diary I see goals such as: “Healthier skin, stronger physique, learn how to speak Chinese, make money, nicer style and better with girls”.

Moreover, I was also obsessed with silly things such as increasing my natural testosterone and testing all kinds of foods to improve my body!

These all seem “normal” and “good” to you but these are all just meaningless shit.

What you are trying to do is that you are trying to fake it instead of making it. You try to weasel your way to the top without actually doing shit.

All of these things sound good on paper, but if they are your “aim”, you are lost and wasting your time.

When you actually start doing, everything will fall into place.

No need to worry about testosterone levels because your life is so intense that the levels are sky high without even trying.

No need to worry about SHIT because everything else fixes itself naturally without even trying… as long as you are doing it.

Trust me, when you dine in a 5 star hotel and everyone is wearing suits, your style starts to improve and so does your hygiene.

You see, improvement of everything else is a side product of taking real action, of actually aiming at a real target.

Masculinity, money, a beautiful woman on your hip, great style and health are side products of success. And by the way, I hate to even say this paragraph because this is the problem. You shouldn’t be aiming at those things AT ALL.

What everyone is doing is that they try to mimic success by focusing on all of these side products of success without actually achieving success. Without actually doing the work that creates the success.

Even when you think you are aiming at success, you spend time worrying about meaningless shit instead of fully focusing on achieving the success.

You are this kid in a nightclub who is wearing a TMT cap, fake jewelry and golden shoes thinking he is the shit. He may have a ok physique but wouldn’t be able to fight for his life. Then he goes home and next day he continues to go to school to study urban property development.

The thing is, you have been lied to. Or more like you have been sold to. Rap videos, movies, TV shows and rich people on Instagram are selling you this BACKWARD FANTASY.

People get attention that way but don’t fall for it. It’s a cancer for your mind. I am not sure if this is ethical at all.

Just start doing. The results will speak for themselves. The results will morph you into something you actually need to be.

What makes you think you know what you want or need to “improve” when you haven’t even started? Like I said before, I was focusing on self-improvement in the past: meaningless boyish bullshit.

Right now you are trying to prove yourself to others and yourself. You are trying to become something you think you need to be but you can’t actually know this because you haven’t started.

What you think is the real thing, is the bullshit that has been sold to you.

You are just being sold. What you think you want is what you have been sold. What you think you need to become is what you have been sold.

You think this context of success, these side products of success are going to make you feel good about yourself. They won’t. That’s why success is so dangerous for many. They get the life they were sold to (“the dream life”), and then realize it was a lie and a waste of their life.

I have been told in many occasions I have “the dream life”. Nah. It’s just life you think has value because you cannot appreciate your own. In reality it’s just life.

Don’t buy the IDEA of paradise. Don’t buy the IDEA of happiness. Don’t buy the IDEA of feeling enough.

This thing what you think you need to become is just a bullshit lie. This urge to become is just a distraction.

Just start fucking doing.

The results will speak for themselves. Or more like the results will fix everything. And again… let’s stop talking about fixing anything in the first place. I literally feel like I’m saying mentally ill looney shit, because that is what it is but it needs to be said because that’s where I have come from and where most people still are.

It doesn’t matter if you actually get something done if you are not really doing it. If it’s a side product of being distracted, you are getting garbage done in comparison.

Even when people think they are doing, they are still distracted. You can literally do millions of different things and get millions of different things done, and still be distracted.

“I want to achieve this”. “I want to become this”. “I want to have this”. “I want to be there”.

There are still just distractions. Your entire frame of mind is focused on distractions.

What you think success is, is actually a distraction.

People are still aiming at money, which is a side product of success. People are still aiming at this idea of success, or more like the CONTEXT of success which is still a side product of success.

As long as your underlying motivations are this level garbage, you are working at a low level. You are faking shit more than you are actually doing. When you focus on fake shit, you will be fake shit. That’s how it is.

You are this little kid who doesn’t yet feel good about himself and instead of doing, he is trying to achieve this sense of fulfillment. He wants to have everything in order to feel good about himself… instead of doing.

Another big lie is to think you are not trying to prove yourself when in reality you still are. Somehow you think you have figured it out and believe “this is real” when in reality you are still being distracted but just in a different way. Bravo, you figured the worse lie out. Now you are buying a more complex lie.

If you are not doing, you are not doing. It doesn’t matter if you think you are doing but actually are not. It doesn’t matter if it seems like you are doing when you actually are not.

How do I know? Everything that comes out of your mouth is just a distraction.

Reality this, reality that. People this, people that. Women this, women that.

Oh fucking Christ.