Everything Is Always About The People

People don't go to cinemas to watch movies for the movies itself. They go there to watch actors perform.

This is why the best of the best get paid millions of dollars - they bring millions of people into the movie theaters to watch them act.

If the actors didn't act in movies, they would be doing something else and everyone would still be lining up to see a glance of these people.

Great actors tend to be great persons. ​The same applies to singers.

How good someone is singing is only a part of the equation. People want to listen to amazing people and they would listen to many regardless of what they sing about.

Drake, the most popular rapper of today, is no longer writing his own songs and people still can't have enough of him. People used to praise him for his "real shit".

People ultimately want to see and feel original people who have real value.

People of value are hard to figure out and possess something you don't, whether it's the peace of mind, money, women, power, experience or confidence.

The person's value is directly correlated with the confidence he has. People who have confidence, have value.

A man who has skills but no confidence, has low value. A man with less expertise but tons of confidence, has enormous value.

The greatest demons on Earth are the people who try to take away your self-confidence.

They attempt to take away the only thing that actually matters: your self-worth. If they succeed, they will feel more confident around you, but only because you have willingly become less.

​Everyone has had at least a few of them, whether they were your "friends" when you were growing up, your family or your co-workers.

If you haven't already fought back, you better start now. ​Until you take your self-worth back, you will always have low value.

By having the guts to be yourself, you already gain value by doing nothing.

In the today's world where everyone is trying to be someone else, a person who can just "be" has value. 

Do you hear what I am saying? You can have value if you just know how to be.​

Being is the easiest thing to do. You just need to be. You don't even have to try.

Yet, I see countless of people who cannot be with themselves. These people need constant entertainment, and often it comes in a form of TV or video games.

These people are willingly throwing their consciousness away. They willingly give up their state of being for no other reason than a quick temporary relief for the pain of their soul.

Everything is always about the people. Everything else is just extra.

In politics, the elections are battles where the best men and women compete to be the best. They have selected a specific platform and want to be the best at what they do.

And what do politicians do? They talk and promise whatever they can.

What they stand for or what they think, are only tools in their disposal. Their stand on politics and their opinions are only weapons they use in order to win.

In politics the most vocal, clever and bold individuals eventually rise to the top. It's a platform for honest bullshitters.

The most honest politician is the one who changes his or her mind to fit the will of the people. He is doing whatever it takes, regardless of his own personal preferences. 

A politician who changes his mind has more truth in him,​ than a politician who once found an illusionary idea and never stopped holding onto it.

There is no truth, and anyone who claims to debate for "truth" is completely covered in bullshit.

The delusional nature of most people is to actually think the truth can be debated.

All debates are ultimately competitions of who uses the language in the most clever way.

It's a competition where the person who has the most knowledge about the subject, the best arguments, and knows how to verbally dominate, wins.

There is no truth in politics and there is no truth in debates either. Both are just altars for people to compete.

We love competition and all of us love duels between persons. Many prefer wars, but almost all of us have inner inclinations to compete in one way or another.

In fight sports, the one who solely focuses on technique, will lose. The one who solely focuses on winning, will win regardless of technique. 

The only difference between winning a fight and winning a debate is that when it comes to fighting, no one is delusional about what is going on.

Give anything to people that involves language in any form, and people will lose their mind. They start to think something is something other than what something really is.

These morons tried to make sense of martial arts and deconstruct them into rational bullshit. They started to focus on "the techniques that can kill anyone instantly" without seeing that it was always about the man who could kill anyone instantly. 

When Floyd Mayweather, the best boxer on Earth, teaches new techniques to newcomers, the technique is not the real gift that is given. The real gift is the confidence boost they get from being associated with one of the greatest boxing stars of all time.

The truth in everything is the interaction itself, not anything that is actually happening or what anyone is actually saying.

Everything that we think is going on, is fundamentally decided by someone else. The moving parts are categorized and boxed to fit the rational thinking of a man.

Cats aren't walking or jumping, they are merely being. ​A tiger is not using grappling skills to kill, the tiger is merely being.

The Truth is the happening. Not anything that is happening in the happening. ​

It was never about the words. It was never about the rules. These things never existed in the begin with.

Everything was always about who was doing it, not what he or she was doing. 

Everything has always been about the people, but at some point we got sidetracked and people lost touch with the actual truth.

Most people only accept this reality when it's almost too obvious: when they see someone with a face of a model, they know the model's success is tied to his or hers personal attributes. 

When it comes to other things, people want to run away from the truth and say it is the style, not the fighter. It's the product, not the businessman. No one wants to give credit to the man itself. 

In today's business, it has started to become more about the people, than it's about the product itself. 

It's all about who is selling the product.

If the salesman has value and he is considered great by the others, the salesman has no problems selling whatever he is selling.

People buy almost anything as long as the person selling has real value.

A great man can indeed sell ice to eskimos. A little man can hardly sell the best product on Earth.

The great salesman knows that the product he sells and who he is, are the same thing.

This is why only garbage salesmen sell garbage. Great men sell greatness.