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Great Men Shape The Universe Through Time And Space

Great men reflect their momentary existence through time and space. Not only are millions of people influenced by the wisdom and knowledge of great men, even the actual landscapes are morphed into their images. Great men like Christ, Buddha and Muhammad are everywhere.

Gautama Buddha was born in 500 BC, over 2500 years ago. Buddha's legacy, Buddhism is one of the biggest religions in the world and his existence is carried by 488 million Buddhists. Buddha's teaching and writings are a major influence on popular culture which means Buddha's influence is present in the people who don't even associate themselves with Buddhism.

Jesus Christ, the icon of Christianity, was born over 2000 years ago. He made Christianity what it is today. Jesus Christ's legacy is nowadays the biggest religion in the world with an astonishing 2.2 billion people. The Bible and the New Testament are also the most published and read books in the history of the world.

​Prophet Muhammad was born around 1500 years ago and his legacy, Islam is the second biggest religion with 1.6 billion believers. The Quran is Prophet Muhammad's famous piece which is the guidance for millions of Muslims and the foundation for Islam.

Buddha, Christ and Muhammad are three of the greatest and most influential men in the entire history of humankind as we know it. The momentary existence of their lives are reflected through time and space, only becoming bigger as time passes by. They created such big waves during their lifetimes that the waves still keep going on. The waves they created only grow stronger when the smaller waves, the people, join to become a part of them.

The followers of these great men have built massive monuments in their name; alternating and reconstructing parts of the Earth to reflect the magnificent lives these men had in the past. The waves these men started have had such a big impact that it has turned parts of the universe into images of themselves. Time has only enhanced this fact and it appears that the waves only keep growing stronger.

In addition to building massive buildings and monuments, millions of paintings, books, ornaments, clothes and entertainment have been created for the memory and existence of Christ, Buddha and Muhammad. Massive amounts of the Earth have been shattered to pieces in order to reconstruct everything in their images. Billions of trees have been cut and massive amounts of rocks and metals have been moved to worship these icons.

Not only that, but Christ, Buddha and Muhammad have claimed superiority over mere symbols and words which are fundamentally nothing but loud enough noises or visible texture. When someone uses the word Buddha, everyone knows who they are talking about.

Many protect the name of Muhammad to the grave and do not let anyone disrespect the name of this great man. Almost no one can use their words and symbols without being associated with the big three icons - the great men have claimed them almost completely to themselves.

Moreover, the biggest impact Christ, Buddha and Muhammad had, was the influence on people's lives and their behavior. Behavior is the cause and effect of everything; and the behavior of millions of people are shaped by these great men. Many men and women live according to their teachings, some wear the clothes of these men and a few devote their entire lives in the worship of these icons.

People have become reflections of these icons further reflecting it to new people who may eventually continue reflecting the spirit of the original masters even further. The more people that adopt the lives of the great men, the further and faster the universe is shaped in their name.

At some point, Christ, Buddha and Muhammad will visit space and start constructing further planets in the images of themselves. In a way, the astronauts have already carried their lives to space and the reconstruction has already begun.

Christ, Buddha and Muhammad lived thousands of years ago but the way they lived was so monumental that they are still reflecting their life to the world. They once lived a life in flesh and blood breathing like every one of us now but the way they lived changed the direction of time and space. The impact and influence of these great men is so strong that millions of people have adopted parts of their life into their life.​

The great men give guidance, direction and meaning to lives of millions of people although they aren't physically here. The way people think, the way people make decisions and the way people fundamentally live their life is affected more or less by the epiphanies, wisdom and knowledge the great men had.

The spirit of their souls carry on and keep changing the universe and touching the hearts of millions of people. The great men created waves, and the waves just keep growing stronger.