finnish-winter the greatest act

The Greatest Act

The greatest act is to believe it is one but not another.

Most people don't know that the whole thing is a paradox. They act and live trying to prove it is one but not another.

The society thinks feminine and peaceful values which value security, safety and comfort above all else are ultimately moral, while the warlike masculine values of dominance, power and and freedom are immoral.

You are either rational or irrational.

The world is either absolute(objective) or relative.

People think they are either mortal or immortal.

A person thinks he is the self, but not the other.

Everything is either deterministic or under the free will.

Everything is everything and nothing is nothing. Is is, and is-not is is-not.

The problem arises when the other side of the coin starts pretending they are the one but when in truth they are the another. When one pretends, the another one is forced to pretend too because how else would there be one?

Pretending makes you a fraud, a phony who bullshits himself not to be himself. If you are not yourself how can you be pleased with yourself?

The whole pretense of acting creates a game where everyone is acting they are not who they are.

In this world people do not just want to see how other people live, but they want to see the other people acting like they are living someone else's life.

The biggest inception is seeing an actor being interested in watching an actor playing an actor. This is what we are.