have no preferences

Have No Preferences Other Than What Is The Best

Your opinions and preferences don't really matter.

If something works and serves others, it serves you. If something doesn't work and doesn't serve others, it doesn't serve you.

In everything I do, I try to make things as flawless as I can. There are some elements I might like and some I don't.

Ultimately, I try different elements and pick the ones that actually work. I only use things that work. You find out if something works only after you have tested it. 

In everything spiritual and material, use things that actually serve you. Have no preferences other than what is the best option for you to reach the target you are aiming at. 

You may have worn hoodies and jeans all of your life and that's how you see yourself, but eventually you need to grow up.

You need to dress up for the life you want to have, and stop being afraid of how others would perceive the change.

In the beginning you worry about the opinions of others, but after you actually do what needs to be done, you have no idea why you were worried in the first place. ​

I'm in the process of giving up everything.​ My entire journey has been about unlearning everything that I was forced to learn when I was younger.

For the first portion of your life, you are stuffed with information you don't necessarily need, in order to give it all up later. 

In the beginning there was blame, now there is only acceptance. Eventually there will be neither acceptance or no-acceptance. Everything disappears after you become one with it.

Principles and ideas are something you likely need to unlearn. ​

Principles and pride in something may have served you at some point when you felt like you had to stand up, man up and actually show everyone who you are.

Pride can work as a fueling force to help you push through the barriers you need to overcome, but pride can also make you a stubborn idiot.

Don't become the snob who is afraid to get his hands dirty. Don't become the redneck, who thinks it's cool to just drink beer all day and be nothing. ​

At some point, you have to realize that there is a place for a behavior that is considered masculine, and there is a place for a behavior that is considered feminine. Regardless of gender.

Don't become bounded by lifeless forms. The language and illusions can help you, but they are always a double edged sword that can also cut you.

Eventually, you need to give up the foolish pride in order to grow and go past the point you are in right now.

Don't become personally associated with who you are now either. What I mean is that don't be afraid to do what needs to be done, because you risk losing something you are now.

The past savior that once saved your life, could be the biggest enemy of your growth in the future.

The thing is, nothing is fixed. If you actually live, the man you are will be completely different one year from now on. Every year must be different, and every year must be better.

Everything that once served you, may not serve you anymore.

Give up all the unessential. There is no need to hold onto materials possessions you no longer use.

Holding onto the past is fear, not courage. Holding onto anything that is no longer useful, is trying to seek comfort for the feelings you don't like.

What are the feelings you are looking comfort for? Feelings of not being in control, having no certainty, and being afraid of change.

Ultimately, you are afraid to live, because life is uncertain, ever-changing and no one is in absolute control.

People are trying to find comfort in the material possessions they once liked, in the ideologies they believed in and the principles they once thought were true.

People find comfort in many lifeless forms they use to define themselves. Lifeless forms are just something that aren't even real, but all man-made bullshit. 

The more you define yourself with arbitrary concepts and definitions, the more you need to guard them from the real world.

The goal in life is to not to be bounded by any niche or idea. When you get rid of the niche ideas inside your head, you widen the spectrum of your consciousness with every minute you are alive. 

The more you have niched yourself, the more you are looking for a cure for the inner pain.

I see people who are men, that's a niche. Then I see people who are students, that's a niche. Then among students I see people of many different niches; some are jocks, nerds, goths, metal heads and whatever.

Everyone is willingly putting them inside arbitrary niches to feel like they belong. ​

The thing is, under the heaven there is only one family.​ The goal is associating yourself with everything, not with something. 

​Destroy the boxes and become a person who is no one, but everyone. Both nobody and somebody. 

In the beginning, you are just a little you with your little silly ideas. In the end, you are the universe without any ideas at all. 

The truth is, the real world will expose everything of you and everything that you have. The way to destroy the niches and ideas is to start living. 

Niches and ideas hold no strength after they are exposed to the real world. The only reason you need to believe in something, is because you haven't experienced it - because you aren't sure what it really is.

Niches are only possible when you are hiding inside your mind and creating bandages to find comfort from the scary real world you are living in.​

When the real world is overwhelming, people create virtual worlds to find comfort.


When I entered the military, countless of people gave up and quit during the first month of the boot camp. They couldn't handle it.

When I went to live in China, I didn't have an apartment and didn't know where to get one. I had a hotel booked for 3 days and in less than 3 days I found a way to find the apartment.

I thought I could handle these experiences - and I was right. Many people think they can, but they are too afraid to actually find it out.

You think you can handle something? Go out and actually try it. 

People think they are the shit without even testing how good they really are. How good you are inside your head might not be the same how good you are outside of it.

A great deal of self-confidence comes from knowing for certain that you can handle it. Put me in any situation, any environment, and I will do my best to prevail.

The real life experience is where the money is.

The action that you take, will cut off all the unessential things about you. It will leave you naked without any ideas or preferences.

Do you think animals have preferences? You don't see tigers running around thinking they are special little snowflakes. 

This is the human madness: to willingly isolate yourself from everyone to run away from yourself.