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Live Faster Because Time Is Speeding Up

Time is speeding up: the demands of reality are continuously raising.

​In caveman times, you only needed to be the first one to use weapons to win. Or do almost anything differently and you would get a new outcome.

If you were the first monkey to lie, you were born a winner.

Not a long ago, doing business was like living in the wild wild west. After you found your niche, winning was easy. If you outworked everyone, you won. If you discovered a new market, you became successful.

Now? It takes more than ever before to be successful. 

You either move with time and evolve, or you are left behind. Unwillingness to change doesn't keep you in your place - it moves you backwards because the world is moving forward while you aren't.

Look at many middle aged people and you'll see that they are not living a few years behind, they are living decades behind. ​

They find comfort in music they liked decades ago. They are nostalgic about old movies. Their mental maturity is at the same level as 20 years ago.

They talk about the "good ol' days".

It's our time now and the best times are today and tomorrow.

Only by acknowledging this reality you can actually move forward (into the future).


In order to move forward and change your life, you need to make new decisions and take actions that will shape the person you are tomorrow. ​

​The decisions of your past and the actions you have taken, are what have brought you in the spot you are in right now.

You are where you are because of you. You can change everything too. 

People who whine and complain are refusing to accept the responsibility for their own soul. They refuse to accept that they themselves create the reality they live in.​

The only way to move forward is to evolve in every aspect of the game. The only way to move forward is to become "more" compared to what you are now.

But let me tell you about the state of the world we are in right now.

It is harder than ever before to be successful. ​And what's more, it is only going to get tougher and tougher.

That's the nature of time. 

In the beginning of time, the universe was nothing at all. Then there were just rocks and space. Time passed, and now our universe is an incredibly complex organism.

Time really is speeding up. Technology is growing faster than ever, and so is the complexity of the entire universe.

The top will continue to rise, and the gap between the rock bottom and heavenly top continues to widen.

The future demands perfection.

Perfection is the next best thing. Perfection is exactly what you need. 

This may sound discouraging, but I am merely giving you the heads up.

​If you haven't already started, you better start right now.

I started my journey 7 years ago and only now my ​effort is starting to bear a fruit and the fruit doesn't even taste that great yet. 

I completely changed my life when I was 17. I lost 40 pounds in six months and then entered my military service for one year.

Before I changed, it was a dark time in my life. My heart was as cold as ice and I had absolutely nothing.

Only those who have never ascended or descended in their life, cannot see that there's levels to this shit.

In those first 6 months of losing weight, my life changed completely. I transformed from an obese nerd into a lean person.

​I started to see light at the end of the tunnel. 

During the year in military, working as a non-commissioned officer, my confidence and skills took a great boost. Everything changed in one year.

I entered a university, I started reading 30-40 books per year and I begun training like a madman.​ In a couple of years I was a new man.

I worked a total of one year as a lumberjack ​which really grew my grit and backbone. I believe it is one of the toughest jobs on Earth and those who romanticize it, haven't experienced it.

Then, I went to spend 4 months in China, and everything changed once again, but this time more than ever before. Nothing can change the man more than an environment that is completely foreign and unfamiliar.

Later, I got an opportunity to spend two months in Vietnam with a successful internet marketer who I have the utmost respect for. Living in his mansion, my standards took a big improvement.

When I was living in Vietnam, I had holes in my socks. Now I have Hugo Boss socks (and no holes).

I returned back to China for a few months and everything changed again. 

Soon, I started to make real money for the first time in my life.

Professional gambling taught me everything I needed to know about taking risks, winning and losing. When you lose $800 it hurts, but after you win $1200, it feels pretty damn good.

​Later, when it was time to return to Finland, everything changed again and has kept changing ever since. 

Moreover, I am looking forward to change even more. When others are afraid of change, I embrace it like nothing else. In fact, it's the only thing that really comforts me.

For most people, change is the scariest thing to see, because it will remind them that time continues to move, while they are only moving backwards. 

Many people will notice that you have changed, but they still try to treat you like you were the old-you.

The old-you is dead and was buried a long time ago. Who the hell are you talking to?​

In a short time, I've gone through many cycles of life. I have taken chances, risks and actually had tons of memorable experiences. 

The evolution of my soul is continuously speeding up. I am putting in more work. I am taking more risks. I am becoming "more" faster than I ever did.​

My style changes. My body composition changes. My skin changes. My environment is continuously changing. 

Make no mistake, EVERYTHING can change in just a few months. I have done it over, and over, and over again.

If you follow me, you will see that I will continue to do so.

Your body, mind and soul can completely change in just a few months. Take risks, and you can be at a whole new level next year. 

​You don't need to feel sorry for yourself and suffer the state you are in right now. You suffer because you want to.

How fast you will climb depends on you. I live faster than most people because I don't spend any time messing around. When I get an idea, I execute it right away.​

Even if you hit the rock bottom, it's actually a GOOD thing. Tough times create tough guys. 

The point is not achieving success or failure, but the mental growth ​that is caused by the continuous change.

You may have heard this before, but life really is about the person you become.


​It is no longer enough to work hard. You have to work harder than anyone out there, but it alone is not enough.

You no longer can be an unhealthy mess and do good business. You have to look perfect to do perfect business. 

​It is no longer enough to play it safe. You have to take risks like no one else. You have to do all the scary things no one else is doing.

The only way to really differentiate yourself from everyone else, is to have experiences no one else has.

To do things, no one else has the guts to do.​

This is the mentality:




Only after you have proved that what you do causes a big impact, you know what is enough. Until your life is creating a big impact, you know you aren't doing enough of SOMETHING.

You aren't taking enough risks, you aren't working hard enough or your skill level just isn't good enough.

The only way to find out what is enough, is to really do everything you humanly can and see if it is enough.

​The way I will succeed with my businesses is when I put everything on the line.

I run two businesses: VAHVA Fitness & Vahva Lifestyle

My face and my word is out in the public. I have told everyone what I am doing and this is my only way out.

I have burned all the bridges and I really don't have any other choice other than to win, or die trying.​

If there is anything that can improve my odds of success, I will do.

If something gives me even 0.5% better odds of success, I will do.

Everything that it takes, I will do.​