delusional about money

Westerners And Their Money Delusion

I live in Finland, which is one of the most socialist countries in the world. Everyone and everything is taken care of, thanks to some of the biggest tax rates in the world.

It's almost impossible to hit the rock bottom and become homeless (yet some people still manage to the impossible), because of our welfare state.

Although it's extremely hard to hit the rock bottom, it's also very hard for most of the citizens to reach the heavens. Everything is average and everyone is equal.

All of the places are always clean and beautiful, and as a result, people have completely lost their touch with the substance that makes the entire system work:


People talk how money isn't the most important thing in the world, and how money doesn't buy happiness. People only talk shit about money to feel better about themselves. 

Money is a thing people are almost afraid to talk about. No one wants to acknowledge its importance, because not many have experienced what it means have nothing.

Moreover, when everything is so great, there's no major incentives to start earning more.

I didn't fully understand the importance of money until I traveled in Asia, and experienced the third word.

The people in Western countries are completely delusional about money. I was too - it's hard to see the true nature of money when you are born into a high society.

The thing is, everything is money.

All the good things we have, are because of money.

It's completely obvious, but people cannot truly see it, because they haven't truly seen what it means to be poor, or what it means to be filthy rich either.

Society takes care of everything. Money is completely in the background.

The nature of money doesn't have a similar death grip on Westerners as it does have on the people of poor countries.

Poor Are Less Delusional

When I lived in Asia, money was everything to the locals. The locals worshiped money like it was the real God of the universe. 

On the street, you would see bums begging for money, just next to a skyscraper where millionaires worked in the top offices.

In the developing countries, if you don't have money, you have nothing. When you have nothing, you actually have nothing.

In the western countries, even if you think you have nothing, you still have everything. 

In Vietnam, I had an opportunity to have a Chinese New Year celebration with one of the poorest families I have ever seen. 

There was no running water, because water actually costs money.

When the family needed to save money, they stopped eating. 

The place where the family members slept was a hard wooden platform, because mattresses and beds actually cost money. 

Just 10 meters next to their small hut, they had a family graveyard. The graveyard was full of garbage, because getting rid of trash actually costs money. 

I saw countless of handicapped people begging for money in excruciating heat, because it actually costs money to take care of all the less fortunate. 

In China, I lived close to downtown of my city. The area was for the richer Chinese, because the poorest of the poor live in massive communist apartment complexes outside the city.

Still, the streets were dirty and covered in trash, because it actually costs money to keep things clean.

spikes on the wall

This is how Chinese keep the burglars away.

My apartment had metal thorns on the outside walls, because the most desperate Chinese would climb anywhere to steal anything valuable. 

I heard of stories of burglars climbing up 5 floors if you left your window or balcony door open. 

Outside my apartment, there was a Chinese man searching the nearby garbage bin for empty bottles. I saw this man almost every day.

When I took the trash out, I would see the eyes of the man light up and ask: "Píngzi?", which means "bottles?" in Chinese. 

It gets worse.

The air quality of Chinese cities is one of the worst in the world, because it actually costs money to keep the air clean. 

State or local companies don't have enough money to keep the pollution low in the local factories.

Cars use the worst quality gas, because a less polluting form of gas actually costs more money. 

In Finland, tap water is clinically proven to be cleaner than the bottled spring water. In developing countries, if you drink tap water, you will experience a slow death.

Unfortunately, the locals need to drink the toxic tap water, because filtered water actually costs money. 

In China, I had a Pakistan friend who came from a small city of Pakistan (Pakistan is a country of 182 million people). His city doesn't have electricity, because electricity actually costs money.

Moreover, the weather in Pakistan gets ridiculously hot during summer, and I would imagine it's pure hell living without an air conditioner. 

Nothing Good Is Cheap

People like to talk about how cheap everything is in developing countries.

That's all bullshit.

The only things that are actually cheap are the human labour, such as masseuses, barbers and taxi drivers.

Only time of these poor people is cheap, because they are desperate to earn money.  

Everything else what is cheap, such as foods or drinks, you get the quality you pay for. 

The quality isn't even close the same as we do have in Western countries. Only the local fruits tend to be better.

Cheap meat is the worst meat there is, filled with cartilage and the worst parts of the animals. The cattle is grown with hormones, and they are fed with the worst quality of food. 

Furthermore, sometimes it's dog meat instead of the beef you ordered. Some areas in China actually have a celebration where they eat dogs all day. 

If you want to eat Western level food, you actually need to pay.

Likewise, if you want to drink filtered water, you actually need to buy filtered water bottles from the store, spending minimum of $1 per day.

If you want to have clean air, and keep your throat and lungs healthy, you need to buy an air purifier for your apartment. The pollution is horrifyingly bad:

Clean air is a privilege.

Everything that is up to Western standards, costs pretty much the Western price.

Only when you live the local lifestyle, it's cheap. The local lifestyle just tends to be far from the Western level in terms of quality, healthiness and cleanliness. 

You can go to Africa and live in the mud with the locals, and it will hardly cost any money at all.

The Money Delusion

In Western countries, even when you have nothing, you have a certain level of lifestyle that is provided by someone else. 

The society is keeping the streets clean. Air and water is clean. The regulations ensure you get the best possible food. Everything around you looks modern and nice.

In the real world, only when you have money you can actually live a good life. Only when you have money, the environment you live in is clean and looks beautiful.

Without money, you don't even have health. 

In China, I knew one Mexican man who had a cancer, but no money for the treatment. In social media, people tried to gather money for his sake, in order for him to get the surgery he needed.

Money was collected, but it was too late - the man passed away during the summer of 2015. He died, because he didn't have money.

Some people actually die, because they don't have money. 

This is the actual reality of money: You have nothing without money.

If you don't have money, you are living in the mud with nothing at all.

There is no education, because it costs money.

There is no health care, because it costs money.

There is no protection from burglars, because it costs money.

There is nothing nice without money, because nice things actually cost money.

Only people who have been raised in a high society where someone else is taking care of them, they can have delusional ideas about the nature of money.

Only when someone else is providing everyone good minimum standards of living, which the poor people of the third world would kill for, they cannot see their entire lifestyle is fueled with money. 

Even when the ordinary people pay taxes from their ridiculously small paychecks, majority of their standards are provided by massive companies who pay the biggest taxes rates.

People like to talk shit about companies and CEOs, without realizing they are the reasons why they can live in a fairy tale.