Never Stray From The Way

Hello new and old friends,

It's been a while. For the past 6 months, I had to take a step back to move one hundred steps further.

The thing is, the clock is ticking. Time is running out. Death is catching up. It always has, and it always will. It may sound like a cliché, but many clichés are just truths that no one is really accepting.

It's time to stop messing around and get serious.

The word here is...


Capitalizing on everything you are good at doing. Capitalize on your time and your effort. 

Many people have hobbies, and a few are absolute masters of their specific craft. But do they capitalize on their skills? No, because they don't feel they are worthy enough to teach.

But who else is better to do it? Nobody.

Their lack of self-confidence is taking away their gift from everyone else. Lack of self-confidence is the true form of selfishness.

Maybe the traditional path suits you, but there are many like me, who only find peace by walking our own path.

The way to walk your own path is to capitalize on everything that you have and build more knowledge and expertise to capitalize even further.

Before you have money and resources, you need to invest in knowledge and skill. After you have money and resources, you invest in people with expertise. ​

If you don't know how to capitalize on yourself, find someone who will. Build valuable expertise and let someone take advantage of you. ​This is the way of the ordinary man. 

In order to accumulate real expertise, you need to do everything no one else is doing. You have to decide for yourself to learn something.

No one told me to spend half a decade on training my body, learning internet marketing or learning how to write. 

I am not a web designer, yet my sites look better than 99% of the sites out there. I am not a native English speaker, and I still do this. 

I could have every excuse in the book, but I refuse to accept any reality other than the one I desire. 

What am I doing?

I am doing everything I can, with all that I have.

Doing everything you can, with all that you have, is putting yourself on the line. It is actually going all in, without holding anything back.

Everything you have - give it all away. Hold onto nothing.

I am grinding every day. And I will not stop - I can't stop. I already jumped off the plane.

That's the secret of success - do what you are good at and grind.

Grind until you win.

It doesn't get any simpler than this: the more work you put in, the more you get.

Yet, there aren't many of us who grind. No one has the guts to live or die. 

You could be the one who is doing everything.​ You could be the one, who has the guts to create his own reality. 

But are you? Most people are waiting for someone who is never coming.

Most people lack faith. Whether you have faith in yourself or God, it doesn't matter. It's fundamentally the same thing.

Faith is self-belief that everything will happen for a reason. And it will.

When you have faith in yourself and what you do, you are ready to work 24 hours a day and eight days a week. No problem.

You are ready to wake up at 4 AM to make your dream a reality and start hustling. No problem.

You have envisioned the future so clearly, even when the doubt steps in, you keep on grinding.

When you don't have complete faith in yourself and your vision, you have plan A, plan B, and plan C.

Fuck all the plans.

The reality is, there is no plan. The truth is you don't have a choice. Everyone deep down knows what they truly want. They just refuse to accept it.

How do I know? Because that was me, and I see all the young people making the same mistake. I guess it is part of the development cycle. Just hurry with that part.

I no longer have any plans. It might come as a surprise, but I have been waiting for this day since I was seventeen. ​​

I have been messing around and wasting time. That is exactly what kids do. They play.

I have been following my path, but only with a partial focus. ​

I am not a kid anymore. 

​Your path, what you really want to do, requires 110% focus. 100% is not enough, and anything less than that surely isn't.

Only when you push beyond your boundaries do you have the capability to make it.

Eventually, you have pushed yourself so high, that you look around and see nothing but hillbillies and kids playing. Regardless of age. 

It is time to follow the one and only way.

​Your way.

The best advice I have ever gotten, and the only advice I follow, is to never stray from the way.

The only reason I can do what I do is because I have complete self-belief, knowing that what I am doing is the right thing to do.

Actually, it's not even the right thing to do. It is the only thing I can do. 

How do I know this for certain?

- Faith.

Why don't most people have the self-belief to go after their dreams?

- They don't have anyone to fight for. They live for nobody, including themselves.

They have so little self-love they aren't even ready to fight for their own life. Because at the end of the day, who are you to deserve the life you want?

Who else? 

Your life and your legacy should mean more than anything. More than anything means more than any other thing.

If I were to give up on this, I wouldn't be giving up on the thing itself; I would be giving up on myself. The life you live and the person you are; are exactly the same thing. 

It all starts by starting to fight for your life. And make no mistake; your life is on the line. Every day, it is a choice to live or keep not-living.

Not-living is being as good as dead. Not-living is living someone else's life instead of yours. It's following someone else's path. 

Not-living goes completely against the only advice anyone should ever follow; never stray from the way.

Pain is inevitable, but at least, you experience your own life. 

After you gain victory over yourself, you are ready to "go out", ready to "unleash", and ready to "conquer".

The only way to start giving to others, is to first give everything you possibly can to yourself.

Only when your grail of love is full can it spill over to other people.

This is the business of today, giving back. When you give back, some people may return the favor.

Right now, I am building two businesses:

VAHVA Fitness & Vahva Lifestyle.

My first partner in crime is my friend, Eero Westerberg, who has the potential to be the very best fitness athlete there ever was.

In terms of overall athleticism, he is lightyears ahead of everyone else. What's even better, he has the body structure and muscle insertions to look amazing. He already does.

And he is only getting started.

In the end, it is all about the potential and choosing the best guys, when they are only finding their way. 

Dr. Dre, after 17 years of signing Eminem, is still collecting Eminem checks.

Our focus is undoubtedly on the fitness site, but you will see great content on Vahva Lifestyle as well.

Vahva Fitness will be the go-to site​ for bodyweight and movement skills. We will cover everything from basics to advanced moves and teach everyone how to do them. 

Our business strategy is simple: over deliver customers with value.

Our starting point is already at a high level, but the reality is, the grind turns rocks into diamonds. We plan to be much better only one month from now on. 

The key is to focus on continuous improvement and growth. ​

I will be keeping track of my progress in my businesses and tell you everything I know. Success is only worth something when you can share it with other people. 

Great times are coming, and this is only the beginning. 

I wish you all the best,