Nowhere to Run and Nobody to Be.

Nowhere to Run and Nobody to Be.

Most of us don’t like ourselves very much. I certainly didn’t — or I actually thought I did but I really didn’t.

I thought I had to become something, a somebody to be happy with myself. I didn’t really blame others but in many ways I did — everything was always about lack of this and that, about things which aren’t even about you.

Lack of success is not about you. Success isn’t about you. Success is given to you by other people once you start to give value to others. Success is recognition from others that you are who you are.

I blamed lack of success for many things which in a fucked up way meant I was blaming others for my own state of mind.

I built a successful business, something I had always wanted to do. I conquered the world, something I had always wanted to do. I had “success” (I don’t consider short flings a success) with women, something I had always wanted to have.

I became a real warrior. I’m still a real warrior and I will never cease being a warrior.

The thing about taking risks and stepping into the unknown is that it destroys all the illusions of your mind. Struggle, pain and hardships reveal who you truly are. That’s why many choose to avoid them.

It’s easy for me to say because I dealt with the dark side and overcame most of it. I believe most people need to do the same.

You need to turn your pain into glory. Struggle into success. You need to give up all the bullshit that have been fed to you and reveal who you truly are — who you have always been.

This awakening opens your mind and gives you the worst judgement you have ever experienced:

There was nothing wrong with anything, nothing wrong with others and nothing wrong with you in the first place. Everything you have been chasing was a lie.

No matter what you do, you cannot change who you truly are — you can only reveal it. This revealing of you is not real either.

Who you are cannot be hided, but you can live your entire life pretending to be something you are not. You can live your life hating on yourself and everything where you come from.

You are already “out there” and you just need to stop holding back. The only people who buy your pretense are the ones who play the same “poor little me” game as you do. The ones who are free, see straight through you.

That’s why it’s hard for average people to be around successful men or beautiful women — they see straight through you.

Before I did all the things I did, I had anger, resentment and pain towards everything I was and where I came from.

I had anger for my home, heritage, country, religion and everything that was a part of me.

I wasn’t the only one. Most of us are taught to hate and pity ourselves. Most of us live in self-pity and loathe everything where we come from.

Westerners hate their own religion, Christianity, although it’s the highest form of understanding any civilization has ever accomplished.

Science is true, but Christianity is more true. My only problem with science is that it’s so weak. Science is for weasels who want to justify their slavery instead of trying to overcome it.

You can’t stand Christianity because you can’t understand it. You are so fucking dumb, I was too. You can’t see that Christianity is not just a religion. It’s the culture. It is THE West. It is the AIR we live in.

We are all taught to be smart — so arrogant. We think we know what is happening when in reality we have no idea of anything. We don’t know shit. Socrates was right all along.

Intellectually, we merely know what happened and have no idea of what is happening or going to happen. This is why science and weasels of science always fail.

Only by learning how to appreciate where you come from and learning how to celebrate your surroundings, you can actually be happy. There is no paradise other than the moment you choose to accept right now.

In order to be fully living and to do it with fulfillment, you need to accept everything you are and everything where you come from.

You see, you are not this 1 unique and separate being. You are the pinnacle of your heritage and culture.

I say this again because this is the thing you don’t understand:

You are not a separate unique entity.

This is especially evident when you are considering marrying a foreign woman: you are not getting just her, but also her values, customs, family and culture.

But most people don’t see this.

Your mind wants to disconnect from the ultimate reality and create a reality of its own. The only problem with this is that it doesn’t work and cannot be accomplished. That’s why it’s called the game of pretense.

This obsession with trying to create a virtual reality and wanting to live there is the problem.

There is nothing wrong with the reality you are living in right now. When you accept your reality, it becomes as good as anything can ever get.

The reason you don’t accept the reality is because you don’t accept yourself and everything you are. You want to fix the world when you should just fix how you see yourself. You can’t weasel your way out of this.

If you have ill-feelings towards Christianity or religion, you are not hating the “religion”, you are hating yourself. You are unwilling to accept yourself.

Christianity is not a religion, you are Christianity. You don’t live in a home country, you are the country. You are not a part of your family, you are the family. You are everything there is and has been.

“Y-yeah but I do accept everything… the old shit doesn’t work anymore and I realize we are so smart now that I can choose everything better myself” — Why would you be so stupid to choose something as low level as science? This is a joke.

Soldier of God is the greatest conqueror of the world. Soldier of Science is a little weasel. People give up true power for an illusion of control.

If you don’t like your country or countrymen very much, you hate yourself and where you come from.

If you blame your parents, you are not fully accepting yourself. It’s not their job to accept who you are. That’s your job. Stop with the blame game.

In order to be happy, you actually need to become the lamest thing you ever thought possible. You need to stop with the progressive bullshit, drugs and being a sarcastic smartass.

You need to actually accept that it’s not just fine but the best thing to be the lame Christian adult. You eventually need to settle down and form a family. You need to be responsible and do everything you can do for your family.


That is the pinnacle of everything anyone can ever accomplish.

The pinnacle of our civilization is to be a responsible Christian adult who takes care of his family.

This is a massive burden of responsibility which is why everyone is running away from it.

The “poor little me” game is over. It never was true, it was merely an illusion which purpose was for you to shy away from responsibility and try to live as Peter Pan.

Accept everything on your shoulders. Then, just maximize the means and do everything you can to fulfill the potential of everything that is who you are.