How to Get Rid of Boundaries (E G O)

How to get rid of your shadow and kill your ego.

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the biggest lie

The Biggest Lie You Are Being Told

This is the biggest lie you are being told.

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How to Deal with Death

How to Deal with Death.

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30 Days Of Life

Sometimes you enter the zone so completely that you disappear. Everything else just becomes secondary.

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always been the same

You Have Always Been Who You Are

You have always been who you truly are. Always the same.

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Calling The Shots: Philosophy And Academia

Philosophers think logic and reason can actually produce enough information of the ultimate reality we are living in.

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Calling The Shots: Buddhism and Meditation

Calling The Shots: Buddhism and Meditation. Buddhists are running away from everyone else to their own little group of outcasts.

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Alone Way To The Top

The higher you soar, the less people there will accompanying you at your level.

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have no preferences

Have No Preferences Other Than What Is The Best

Have no preferences. If something works and serves others, it serves you. If something doesn’t work and doesn’t serve others, it doesn’t serve you.

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Everything Is Always About The People

Everything is always about the people. Everything else is just extra.

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