delusional about money

Westerners And Their Money Delusion

​All of the places are always clean and beautiful. People have completely lost their touch with the substance that makes the entire system work: Money.

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6 Timeless Success Strategies I Learned From UFC Champions

The time I worked on MMA, I had an opportunity to dig deep into the mindsets of the fighters and understand what made the UFC champions so successful.

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embrace the grind

Embrace The Grind Because That’s All You Got

Right now, the grind and who I am is the exact same thing.

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samuli tapio who else

Who Else? Nobody Else.

The effort of being someone else is futile by default. You can only be you. ​Being comfortable in your own skin is just owning yourself.

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becoming nobody to be somebody

Becoming Nobody to be Somebody

You may have noticed that I speak with conviction. I live like everything I do is the right thing to do. I don’t doubt my actions or the decisions I make. This is real self-confidence. ​ Self-confidence is just acknowledging what is and giving up on what is not regarding who you really are. It’s getting rid of all […]

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living on the edge

Living On The Edge

You will find true freedom when you live on the edge. The uncertainty can kill a small man…

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pool party shanghai skytop

Live Faster Because Time Is Speeding Up

You either move with time and evolve, or you are left behind. It’s our time now.

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Never Stray From The Way

The best advice I have ever gotten, and the only advice I follow, is to never stray from the way.

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back samuli singapore beach

The Reward of Living Life

The reward of living life is finding out who you are.

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Why Apple, Ferrari And Harley Davidson Are The Best Brands In The World

The real materialists are those who judge products and brands solely on their mechanical and technical attributes.

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