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The Endpoint Of Reason Is To Live Unreasonably Without Any Reason

What life is about, is proving to reason that there is no need for it.

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On a road with a motorcycle

Self-Improvement Is Chasing A Lie

Self-improvement is fundamentally avoidance of action, and procrastination of moving in the direction of personal inclinations.

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Great Men Shape The Universe Through Time And Space

Great men reflect their momentary existence through time and space. Not only are millions of people influenced by the wisdom and knowledge of great men, even the actual landscapes are morphed into their images.

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the fine line between the genius and the madman

The Fine Line Between A Genius And A Madman

A genius is a successful madman who managed to turn his gift of madness into gold and success.

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nanjing university nanjing daxue

Turning the World Inside Out

Most of us have felt it all of our lives: “This is what I want.”, but almost no one has the balls to say it. I have said it many times, every line, every time.

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testosterone and intelligence are useless

Your Testosterone and Intelligence Are Almost Meaningless

A man has two assets: his intelligent mind and his testosterone fueled body.

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the most complex pretender

The Most Abstract And Complex Pretender

The mankind has become the most complex and abstract pretending agent of the entire universe.

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the race

The Race

You start thinking the whole thing is a race. You will be thinking how are you going to compete in the race.

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the psychology of money chinese yuan

The Psychology Of Money

When you really go deep into it, what are your judgments and opinions on MONEY, the fuel of freedom?

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finnish-winter the greatest act

The Greatest Act

The greatest act is to believe it is one but not another.

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