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The Reward of Living Life

The reward of living life is finding out who you are.

If you let the world cut off all the unessential, life is about moving towards the state of your own birth.

Moving towards the state when you were nothing but you. When the world hadn't broken you into pieces.

Life is about moving closer to the state when you were a newborn baby.

During your childhood you are stuffed with things that aren't necessary for you and which aren't who you are. 

If you are brave, during your adult years you become an expert on fixing yourself. 

The continuous growth of your being is not adding anything more, it is substracting everything that you are not.

You use your mind to fix your body, and when your body becomes stronger and more structurally balanced, the fog inside your mind clears away. 

Your body and mind become clear, strong, vital and as supple as the body of a newborn baby.

You no longer are a crooked individual. 

You carry your scars like trophies. Everything that you achieve become just another milestone. 

You carry yourself. Completely.

The past of your life disappears - your past is there as a resource - but holds no emotional strength over you. The past doesn't have any power over you, you have the power over your past. 

You live in the moment where you are ready to confront the future because you have let go off the past.

The reward of life is the complete circle of birth and death.

You can achieve completion before your physical death and be eternally free a long before your time on Earth is over.

Your life is a process of confronting your fears and facing the uncertainty of the abstract future. When the fear fades away, what is left is...


Fear merely gives you the opportunity to be brave; adversity and enemies allow you to become a hero.

You get the reward of being just yourself with everything you have done, and everything you haven't yet done. 

People say you born into your body, but for most people, the truth is that you grow into your body.

The body becomes the reflection of your mind; and your mind becomes the reflection your body.

All becomes one.

The life you live and the person you are become the exact same thing. The external and internal fuse together.

You become a nobody to yourself and a somebody to everyone else. 

You are finally ready.