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The Biggest Hindrance of Your Life

If you live in a Western country, your negative attitude towards things that are actually positive is the biggest hindrance of your life.

It’s not the material obstacles and the actual physical obstacles that are holding you down but it’s your own mind — your attitude is holding you back.

The worldview that was fed to me was the biggest handicap to my happiness, fulfillment and success in life.

In the West, people have a negative attitude towards things that would be good for them, and a positive attitude towards things that are bad for them.

Here are some good examples.

You are taught to have negative connotations towards WORK. Work is something negative you have to do and a necessary evil of life.

Reality? Work is the greatest gift from God.

Work is THE thing that will positively change your life. What’s even better, you hold the power to turn your life around.

You don’t like something in your life? WORK and make money.

This takes us to the second biggest hindrance: your attitude towards MONEY.

Money is a huge deal. It will make your life and people around you better in millions of different ways. It buys freedom, attention, security and everything material.

“B-but money can’t buy love! It’s not perfect LOL!” — how stupid do you have to be? No one ever said money was this God-like thing but it is damn close and extremely powerful.

People are taught to avoid UNCERTAINTY although it is closest to what freedom actually is.

Steady paychecks mean small paychecks. Unsteady paychecks mean almost a limitless amount of money.

We are taught to avoid RISK although it is also synonymous with freedom. Without risk there is nothing but stagnation.

Taking handouts is fine but success is evil.

Do you see the trend? People hate freedom.

We are taught to prioritize pleasure over pain although pain and suffering are the two most powerful things the darkside has to offer.

What you need to do is to start re-framing everything. You don’t need to see things as fake-positive but you need to start to see things as they actually are.

Work, money, uncertainty and risk are things that will positively impact your life. You should go to work with a smile on your face.

You should gladly take risks and face the abstract. It’s going to be hard and painful but that’s how it is and there is nothing wrong with that.

Peace and war.