the biggest lie

The Biggest Lie You Are Being Told

"I'm just an average guy."

"I'm just like you."

"I'm not an alpha male."

​"There's nothing special about me."

The list goes on. This is the biggest lie you are being told by many successful people who have already made it.

I call it acting like Jesus: transforming the truth with magic words. Silently taking the high ground while turning the actual reality upside down. 

What is the truth? He or she is better than you.

The successful person feels so comfortable in his own skin that he will rather let the lesser man live in a lie than show how good he really is. 

The funny thing though, many successful people do this naturally. Most of them aren't even aware of it, because their perception of reality changed once they reached the mountaintop. 

You only notice the change - the transition. Become successful and eventually everything new becomes like air: it's there, but you don't really notice it. 

When you are an alpha male, you can honestly say you aren't one, because you no longer need to try to become one. 

If you feel you don't need to become something anymore, you might already be it. ​

The voice that used to shout, now only whispers. Not many will continue to hear it. ​

Superiority and inferiority mostly exist among people who haven't yet to make it. What is inferiority if you are the top of the food chain? It's something someone else will tell you. 

If you don't ever feel inferior, then you are either a master of lies or always in the wrong place. 

Animals feel power, everyone does. It's in our DNA. Most people just run away from it. 

That's the problem with idiots. They are only certain of their own path, when someone else isn't having it better.

When someone else is doing something better, the idiot does two things: 1. Tries to imitate (which will fail by default) or 2. gets butthurt and tries to bring the other person down. 

If someone else is doing something bigger and better, the idiots start to doubt their own resolve. If they don't want to imitate, they talk trash instead. 

Arguing is just a massive waste of energy. There is nothing to argue about. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. ​


Do you know why many of the megastars are hated so much? It's because they tell you the truth.

Some of them consider themselves the best ever and they have every right to believe so. People just don't want to hear it.

People don't want to hear anyone saying: "I am the best ever." or "I am a god".

On the flip side, when a great man acts all fake, everyone loves him and praises him for being so "humble".

Humbleness is a lie. It's a lie people want to hear.

That's why telling the truth is futile. For most people, it's almost impossible to show the truth even if you wanted to.

If a successful person doesn't allow an idiot to have his illusion, the idiot will create one for himself. ​

This is the true meaning for the saying: "People only hear what they want to hear". ​

How do people create illusions for themselves?​

"He is too cocky!", they judge. 

He is arrogant. He is narcissistic. He is shallow. Yada yada yada.

All of these are just magic words and attempts to take down the actual reality in order to keep the lies the lesser men need so much.

Most people don't have lives, they have lies. ​

These people try to change reality with magic words, but these words are only virtual.

This is true magic: to change the nature of reality with mere words which aren't even real. People want to protect their illusions, and many successful people let them do so.

Successful people use magic words to protect people from reality.

People use magic words to protect themselves from reality.

It's a compassionate thing to do: to let someone live in a lie, because he can't handle the truth.

The average man wants to feel good about himself, when he shouldn't. The average man has to believe in fairy tales in order to find comfort for his "negative" feelings. 

Did Little Johnny get sad? 

People need to be solaced, taken care off and looked after. Lies are bandages and consolation. 

People at the bottom need their lies in order to trust the lives they are living.

Reality is not for everyone.

Reality is only for the people who can handle it. The ones who can, will soon shape reality in the image of themselves. 

Responsibility does kill a small man.

I wanted to die. That's why I'm here.​