the fine line between the genius and the madman

The Fine Line Between A Genius And A Madman

A madman is like the genius but he is too weak and as a result he has lost his sense of reality.

Everything the madman feels to be true is different compared to what everyone else is telling him what the reality ought to be.

Even when he doesn’t admit it, he knows that the things aren’t the way they are.

Ultimately, the madman is too weak to stand for himself and say: “I am right. This is the reality – not that!”.

On one hand, everyone is trying to confirm the madman that the reality is the way it is according to their own language prisons.

On the other hand, he feels the actual reality in a completely different way – deep down he knows that the reality is not what these people are trying to represent him as.

The conflict between what the madman feels to be real and what everyone is telling to him to be real, drives him nuts.

The sense of reality is gone – he is not sure to trust everyone else or just trust to himself.

He accepts the socially acceptable parts of the reality but chooses not to believe everything that goes against the grain.

The madman goes haywire because those two different realities of perception collide and possibly mix – and with the collision goes his sanity.

The madman is a wanderer between two worlds not sure where he belongs.

A genius knows who he is, he feels the nature of reality and makes no apologies for the gift he has been given.

A genius is a successful madman who managed to turn his gift of madness into gold and success.

Even when he sometimes goes wild, he gets a pass because he is at the top of the social hierarchy and successful in one or multiple different domains.