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The Psychology Of Money

When you really go deep into it, what are your judgments and opinions on MONEY, the fuel of freedom?

You have to be able to release yourself from all the judgments, misconceptions and negative assumptions on money in order for you to be absolutely free to make more of it for yourself, and as a result become FREE.

People would be surprised how many bad impressions they do have on money.  Here is a list where I tried to go as deep as possible. Consider them all.

If you don't, you are not capable of controlling the best synonym for freedom, the $$$. You have to know the most vital parts of it in order to be able to control it.

You should be able to answer to every single one of these as truthfully as possible. If you don't know the answer, search for it and try to find as empirical and positive answer as possible.

When you have realized that some of your attitudes towards money comes from X, acknowledge it and try to change it into an attitude which liberates you from your chains.

Take your time.

Understanding Money

  • What is your definition of money?
  • What is the fundamental nature of money?
  • How important is money for your life?
  • Who creates the money?
  • Who is in control of money?
  • What do you think of taxes?
  • What do you think of interest rates?
  • What do you think of usury?
  • What do you think of debt?
  • What do you think of assets?
  • What do you know about inflation and deflation?
  • What do you think of retirement savings?
  • Do you think money is backed up with something? i.e. gold?
  • Where does the value of money come from?
  • Do you think of money as physical material or virtual information?
  • What do you think of virtual currencies? i.e. Bitcoin?

Exchanging Money

  • Do you experience shame or guilt from asking for money? Even when you feel you deserve it?
  • How do you feel about buying and selling?
  • When you sell something, do you feel you deserve the money?
  • When you sell something, do you feel like you are asking for too much?
  • When you sell something, do you think different people should be treated differently?
  • What do you feel about bargaining?
  • What do you think of people who bargain?
  • Are you good at bargaining?
  • Do you believe in free enterprise and free exchange?
  • Do you think value of money and exchange should be regulated? By whom?

Childhood And Money

  • How did your parents consider money?
  • What kind of attitudes did your mother and father have towards money?
  • How well your parents are handling money?
  • Do your parents have any assets?
  • How did your parents act towards the wealthy and rich?
  • Do you consider your parents cheap or lavish?
  • How did your friends, relatives and parents' friends act with money?
  • Did you have any wealthy or rich relatives or parents' friends in your life?
  • How was your experience of money in your childhood?
  • How well are your siblings(if you have any) controlling money now?
  • Did you have any problems saving money in your youth? How about now?
  • When you were a child, did you think of anything specific of money?
  • When you were a child, what did you think when your parents went to work to earn money?
  • When you received gifts, what was a lot of money and what little?
  • Where you taught any specific principles about money, buying or selling?
  • How do you remember wealthy or rich people being portrayed in movies, tv-shows, cartoons, animations or books?

Restrictive Assumptions

  • Do you think it is hard or easy to earn money?
  • How do you think people should earn money?
  • Do you think there should be money?
  • Do you think money is a racket?
  • What do you think of lottery?
  • Do you think people become wealthy by mere luck?
  • Are all ways of earning money equally justifiable?
  • Do do you think money is scarce or abundant?
  • What do you consider to be a lot of money and what little?
  • What do you think of brokers, traders and currency exchangers?
  • What do you think of bankers?
  • What do you think of the <1%?
  • What do you think of people who are wealthy or rich?
  • Do you think people have earned their money at the expense of someone else?
  • Do you think the wealthy have inherited their wealth?
  • Do you think financial interests are acceptable? How about political or emotional?
  • Does money make you a better person? Or worse?
  • Do you think people in the control exploit the system?

Money And Equality

  • What do you think of welfare?
  • What do you think of inheritance?
  • What do you think of charity?
  • Do you think everyone should earn equal pay for equal work?
  • Do you think it is unfair that some people earn more than others?
  • Do you believe in gender wage disparity?
  • Do you believe in minimum wage?
  • Do you think money plays a part in sexual relations?
  • Do you think men should always pay for women?
  • What do you think of money in divorces?
  • Do you think everyone should have an equal access to money and resources?