The Ultimate State of Human Performance

This post is about drugs and natural performance. Most people will not be able to see the seriousness of this topic.

While the last post about internet gurus was the difference between ascending and descending, this post is about the difference between life and death, and happiness and misery.

I am no longer in the category where bad things are seen as good and broken people as reasonable authorities to listen to.

The more people disagree with me here, the better it will be. I used to be part of this category which I no longer want to take any part of.

I was a drug addict for about 15 years. It started with food (I was obese all of my teenager years), pornography and mindless entertainment like playing video games 12 hours per day.

After 18 other drugs like alcohol and stimulants like coffee entered my life and eventually even caffeine became a problem. 

At the age of 25 I hit a rock bottom in my life and I couldn't take it anymore. 

I dropped cold turkey all of my vices. No more sex without love. No more caffeine. No more nicotine. No more alcohol. No more sugar. Limited use of social media and disabled phone notifications. Everything gone all at once.

The next couple of weeks were the hardest and the worst in my life. I literally thought I was going insane. 

I was afraid to fall asleep because I thought I would wake up later the night and find myself falling from the balcony or wandering the streets of Kuala Lumpur in my underwear.

I didn't want any of this to happen. I wasn't suicidal. I was merely scared of losing control and doing things I didn't want to do.

This doesn't sound rational at all, but during withdrawals I couldn't trust myself at all. Like I said, I was afraid to fall asleep because I didn't know what was going to happen while I was asleep.

I experienced withdrawal symptoms to the max: I got sick with a fever, flu and severe migraines.

For the next two weeks my life was living hell. Every inch of my body wanted stimulation.

My mind wanted stimulation. My mind was coming up with insane reasonings and explanations why I should stop. I thought I was damaging my health and hurting myself.

My body was physically craving all the stuff that used to be part of my life. My body was dependent on them and all my instincts were telling me to go back. My mind was telling me to do it. Everything I knew was telling me to do it.

But I didn't do it. I fought the withdrawal symptoms day after day while I was trembling and crying in my bed.

At this point, the presence of God became more prevalent than ever. It turned out that the drugs and stimulants were the wall between me and God.

God became crystal clear to me and as evident as anything can ever be. Undebatable.

Everything the material world thinks as the human being was going in the opposite direction but my soul refused to go there. I chose to listen to God.

Most people who successfully recover from severe addictions find God and I am not surprised. The only reason you are out of touch is because you haven't been properly tested and you are literally high all the time.

Many former drug addicts become strong preachers against all drugs because they are the rare few who have seen the truth for what it is.

Every atom of the human being wanted to go back to using drugs. At this point I realized that I am not my mind, but I'm not my body either.

They are both servants of the soul and mere puppets of God. Doesn't mean they aren't important but there is a world beyond your body and your mind. There is consciousness beyond your instincts and rationale.

Many years ago I managed overcome my mind. I thought my body was God, but I was wrong. Although the gut feeling is strong and powerful, it's still not the absolute real thing.

Beating the drug addiction was by far the most important thing that had ever happened to me. I am lucky that I hit the rock bottom early instead of slowly drifting into the abyss of misery like many others do. 

I started a new chapter in my life and it was a chapter of sobriety. I haven't had a cup of coffee, a drink or any pill ever since.

I no longer crave alcohol and I don't smoke. Sometimes I enjoy decaffeinated coffee. I have relapsed with food and eaten chocolate during Christmas but that's how far I have gone.

HUMAN Performance Can't Be Enhanced.

There are massive subcultures of people "enhancing" their performance whether it is their mind (nootropics), body (PEDs) or spirituality (psychedelics). 

Nothing can increase your performance. It's all a lie. It's all a lie and you just don't understand how the drugs work.

You literally don't know what kind of satanic power you are playing with because your sense of reality has been morphed by the drugs. You have no idea how dangerous these drugs really are.

These substances will slowly take over your mind, increase your ego and make you think you are "in control" when in reality you are being played by the drugs and the people who recommend them. 

What makes drugs the worst thing imaginable is that they appear to be beneficial at first. You fall further and further into the rabbit hole and you have no idea of the harm you are doing to your life.

People get hooked on drugs because they help them in many ways. They help you feel better about yourself. People don't start using drugs because they make them feel worse or cause initial harm. 

When you use drugs, you think you have it under control, but little by little the drugs are taking control over your soul and accompanying a bigger part of your life. 

It's only obvious when you are hooked on one substance like alcohol. When it gets bad, it's easy to see and spot the problem.

But most people today are not hooked on one substance. Like I used to be, people are hooked on multiple substances which makes it very hard to see the drug use as a problem.

Many of these substances aren't even considered "drugs", but this is all semantics. All external substances that access your neurotransmitters in a powerful way are drugs regardless of what you label them. 

When you use many different substances, you become what I call a functional drug addict.

You manage to get work done and produce results, but it always happens under influence of a drug like caffeine. It's worse in US where different forms of amphetamines have also become popular.

You use caffeine to work. Alcohol to have fun. Weed to chill. Psychedelics to be spiritual. Video games to compete. Porn and Instagram to feel aroused. The list goes on.

You become a slave to external substances and create bullshit rationale why it is actually a good thing. "Enhancing performance", you say.

Weed is healthy you say. Caffeine is good for you. Alcohol is not that bad. Masturbation is normal. And so on. Look at all of these studies, man. 

Little by little your soul is deteriorating and you are losing touch with God.

The new reality of a functional drug addict becomes your reality and you no longer remember the time when you were normal because all of this has taken years to develop.

Your entire body has adapted to the functional addict lifestyle. You think you are improving your life with new drugs and gimmicks but this is an illusion. You may even think you are doing the best thing a human can do for his future.

That's how malleable and tricky the mind is. You can justify everything and there is a good explanation for everything. You can cherry-pick the experts and studies to confirm your bias.

People actually think they are doing the right thing. All of your mentors and people who you listen to are broken authorities who further confirm that it is fine to be high.

The stimulus of substances have changed the framework of your mind regarding how you see things and how you decide what is good or bad for you. Your life becomes a loop of confirmation bias. 

When I say drugs are far more dangerous than you think they are, you shrug it all off and think you have it under control and know what is good or bad. You may even acknowledge them as bad, but still think you have it under control.

This arrogance of thinking you know is the big lie. It's all ego. In reality you can only trust God, but this connection you know nothing of.

Drugs will Program Your Mind

If you think you aren't being programmed, you are being programmed. People and ideas will influence you regardless of how you feel about them because the influence is mostly subconscious.

I know many read the last post about gurus and thought they can't be manipulated. Almost everyone in the world thinks this way. Sorry man, you are the exact type who is easy to manipulate.

The man who thinks he is invincible will soon die in a battle. The more invulnerable you think you are, the more vulnerable you actually are. 

People who use drugs are the most vulnerable to all forms of programming. If you want to brainwash someone, use heavy doses of drugs. 

The mind can make you believe anything. Mind is water and can take any shape and form it is given. You cannot trust the mind because it's entirely influenced by the external world, but you can learn to control and shape it internally.

With drugs you become a slave to your mind, the external influences, and at best you can feel your body, but you have no idea God even exists. You no longer see the clear distinction between who you are and the outside world.

For a split second you may momentarily reach a connection to God during drugs but it's always fleeting. Your obvious conclusion is to keep moving in the same direction as you have been going. This is how addiction happens.

The functional addicts are by far the most dangerous addicts, because they don't know what they are doing to their lives and how they are treating other people.

Everything seems normal and good, but heavenly people would be able to see what is wrong with the lifestyle. Only the other drug addicts think everything is fine because they must justify their own lives.

When you are hooked on one substance like heroin or alcohol, you will eventually hit a rock bottom and it will be obvious you have a problem. 

It will be extremely hard to turn your life around but many will be able to do it.

The functional addicts on the other hand may never realize the problem they have, because they are using a cocktail of drugs and it's hard to hit a rock bottom with multiple substances that affect the body in different ways.

Being high is the real problem, not the physical damage although it can also be horrific. Even drugs that are good for you on paper like marijuana are problematic because they access and control your neurotransmitters.

Because being high is the real problem, eliminating one negative drug won't solve anything if you increase the number or dose of other drugs.

You can replace one drug with another drug and nothing has changed about staying high. When you eliminate or decrease one substance like sugar, you can increase your caffeine dose to stay functional.

An alcoholic can decrease his alcohol usage by taking antidepressants, but the overall addiction never decreases - only some of the damaging effects of alcohol have been diminished.

Drugs are shady beyond belief and they will sneak on you no matter how smart and mentally tough you think you are.

If you think you are smart and mentally tough, you are probably a functional addict. Arrogance is the effect of drug use. The ultimate reality, God, would make you humble.

You are being played by your own mind and you simply haven't been tested in the face of God. A healthy soul thinks nothing of itself. 

After experiencing the withdrawals symptoms it feels unbelievable how blind you can be. When you are using drugs, you perception of reality has been altered and you can't see the truth for what it is.

It's not 1 or 0, but 0-1. If 1 is the crazy coke-head who has completely irrational self-confidence and a blurred sense of reality, a cocktail functional addict could be anywhere from 0.3 to 0.7 and not appear as bad from the outside.

Interestingly, it doesn't matter if you are actually high in the moment as long as you remain a regular drug user. The brain chemistry is still affected when you are off.

Your baseline perception is still morphed and the only thing that can cure you are the withdrawal symptoms that only happen when you decide to never use the drugs again.

Two weeks or four weeks of abstinence means very little if you have decided to use drugs after that period. The mind and body can prepare for this. Only when you decide to never use again, it will make the real difference.

I thought moderate use would be fine, but in life you can never have it both ways. Only when you either hit a rock bottom or quit using drugs altogether you will have the capability to see the truth.

Functional Addicts are Barely Functional.

To my surprise, enhancing your performance doesn't really exist. Not in a long term window and this long term window is the only thing that matters.

You can momentarily enhance your performance for short periods of time but the same amount will be later taken away from you in one way or another.

If you keep using more and more drugs to avoid hangovers or feeling down, then everything will be taken away from your lifespan. People who get obese largely avoid negative feelings and they pay with their health.

In the long term, functional addicts are the second weakest people after the regular drug addicts. They simply cannot compete in the long term.

This was clear obvious to me once I gave up drugs. When I was regularly drinking massive amounts of coffee, it was easy to see how much I could work before I started to get tired.

Once I gave up drugs, my work capacity more than tripled and I no longer got tired. It was as clear as the sky: earlier I could complete an X amount of work and after giving up drugs I could complete the triple X amount or more.

While I was a functional drug addict, my mood would go up and down. I would feel high and energized in the beginning but eventually the adrenal glands and dopamine receptors would get fried and there was a crash.  

Now my mood is steady, my energy levels are steady and the baseline is actually much higher than before.

This baseline is the only thing that matters in life. It's extremely rare to need to have any peak level performance and your body can naturally achieve this when it's needed.

Even in MMA the difference between a champion and a talented fighter is the baseline performance. A champion can keep a high pace and high performance for 5 rounds, whereas a peak fighter starts to fade after the first round.

Likewise, in business I can double or triple my monthly income if I want to, but I am unable maintain this in the long term. It's good to do occasionally, but the baseline will make the real difference in a year window.

Real peak level performance is actually diminished by drugs. With drugs you can peak relatively high quite often, but never near the natural max. The more often you peak, the lower the peak is.

Drug-free lifestyle is better, but it's incredibly hard in the beginning. During the withdrawal symptoms I wondered if life was even worth living for. I thought I could never have fun again.

I was wrong on all accounts, because by eliminating drugs I started to feel more joy and happiness from the simple things of life. The regular life became worth living.

I don't need to chase phantoms and paradises to feel good about myself, my daily life already gives me immense joy. Everything I need is already within me and no one can take this away from me.

I also wondered if I could ever do anything functional or whether I would crash my business. 4 months after I quit drugs my business hit the best month we've had so far. 

Everything is going better than ever before and I found the missing piece I have been looking for all along. Being high was the barrier between me and God.

Natural high should happen because of the circumstances, not because of your choice. Drugs allow you to control your biochemistry by will, but your will makes weak decisions no matter how smart you think you are.

Being high means you are moving away from the present moment. You will only momentarily reach a state of love at the top. 

Once you start going up, you want to keep going up. Once you go down you can barely wait for the moment to go up again. It's a slippery slope. You drink one drink and it's tempting to drink another.

The good news is that the brain eventually adapts to the drug-free lifestyle. It's extremely painful in the beginning but eventually all the same effects will be achieved by natural means. Life will make you high, but not by your own choice.

It may take months or even a year before you return to the normal state. It can take up to 12 months for the brain of a sex addict to return back to normal. The sooner you start, the sooner it's done.

The withdrawal symptoms are the hardest part, but it's still a daily battle afterwards - but this is the battle for your soul. You are fighting against the temptations.

Addiction is the modern term for Christian sin and the modern term of Buddhism's desire. 

The synonyms for addiction are isolation and disconnection. The opposites of addiction are connection and love. Choose wisely.

The more you use drugs, the deeper hole you will dig where you are all alone or with a couple of other drugies. You are disconnecting from life.

Natural State is the Highest State of Human Performance

I have given up alcohol, weed, caffeine, nicotine, sugar and superficial sex and I am never going back.

I still miss the highs sometimes when I'm at my weakest, but I know it's not worth it because it's a low level state of human performance. Every drink and pill is a step backwards.

The highest state a human can reach is the state when you are under the least influence of anything.

The highest state is the natural state before we had any processed food or any pharmaceutical drugs. Religion and the idea of God was created at the same time as agriculture was invented and I understand why.

Sugar and grains are drugs themselves and will take over the master if you are not careful. For the first time in history we needed to create a reminder, a proxy to the ultimate reality.

Man's creations have taken over his mind and now even his body. That's what most drugs are - artificially created substances that have taken over your existence.

A man has created something that controls his instincts more than he does. Like mentioned before, your will is being controlled by external substances and they make you think you are the one in control.

Your mind is easily malleable by external influences and your body is easily malleable by the decisions of your mind. Both mind and body need to become servants of the soul.

The pinnacle of human performance is to be as natural as humanly possible while not shying away from modern technology like houses and electricity.

Whether it is the performance of the mind or the body, it's still the same story. The strongest mind and the strongest physique are acquired by natural means. The natural form may lose in one area, but it's ten times better as a whole.

Many of these functional addicts think everyone is on something or otherwise they wouldn't be successful. That's how they really feel because they don't have any power themselves. 

The natural state is the best, unbeatable and undisputed. It's the most adaptable and vital of all forms. You can build a big physique with performance "enhancing" drugs, but the one dimensional body will never be adaptable enough.

People who use drugs to increase the performance of their mind or their body are doing the exact opposite because whatever you will add, it will be subtracted somewhere else. 

The only benefit the drugs are mostly giving is increasing confidence. That's all they do. Drugs are feel-good gimmicks.

Drugs help because they give you courage to express yourself, but you can have this courage without any artificial means and it will be a much enduring form of confidence.

Substances are nothing but crutches helping you to do the thing you already can do better without them. You should be ready to face reality without crutches.

People do drugs because they are scared and cannot cope with the actual reality. They are all running away from something. It can be present stress or something that happened in their past.

When I started my business, moved to Croatia and was running out of money, I was overdosing on coffee and drinking excess amounts of alcohol because I was scared and barely managing the panic.

I had never run a business before and was bewildered by EU regulations and taxes. My business had also been profitable for only 2 months and there was plenty of uncertainty about the future income. 

Caffeine and alcohol helped me to push through during this time, but everything would have been much easier without them.

Drugs ultimately make your life harder, not easier. Your vigor ultimately depends on the vitality of your body and drugs diminish this vitality.

The increased "performance" produced by drugs is just courage to express yourself, but it comes with a great cost: worse performance than you are naturally capable of and damage to your health.

Drug addicts are cowards who are running away from life to feel-good fantasies. The functional addicts are cowards who use drugs to gain courage to attack their lives.

Both are badly optimized cowards. If you disagree, fantastic.