What Martial Arts are Really About

Traditional martial artists of today are entirely missing the point of martial arts.

The traditional martial artists only see the surface — the technical and written aspect of the traditional martial arts.

They see some “deeper meanings” but most of them are just bollocks and their actions tell a different story.

Traditional martial artists are obsessed with the forms, techniques and tradition.

These are all good stuff, but these are only information which purpose is to help you understand what the martial art is really about.

Real martial arts are NOT about technique, form or tradition.

Real martial arts are about honestly expressing yourself. This is what Bruce Lee said.

If you were to truly understand this statement which I believe is true, you would stop calling yourself a karateka or any other martial artist.

You would stop practicing any single martial art. You would stop taking the clown circus seriously altogether.

The techniques, forms and tradition are there to guide you and help you. They are not there for you to try to mimic them and become their slave.

Real martial arts is about learning who you are and expressing yourself through your body and mind. It’s about developing your own style of no style.

You see, there exist no martial arts at all. The art in the martial art is theartist himself.

This is what people are refusing to accept. YOU are the martial art. The technique is nearly worthless and won’t make you a superhero. The martial art won’t make you a martial artist.

What people are trying to find is some external substance that gives them power when in reality the power comes internally.

In real martial arts, everything is about the artist.

Real martial arts is about creating your own way of martial arts. Your own techniques and your own way of movement.

The techniques and forms you are learning from the outside is someone else’s movement which may not apply to you. Even if you copy the form to the smallest detail, it’s still not the real deal and not real martial arts.

What you are doing is copying someone else.

The real deal is only created when it comes from within you.

Even MMA fighters are doing it wrong: they are picking different martial arts from outside of them, when optimally you would want the martial art to flow from the inside.

Being a copycat is not real martial arts, yet this is what everyone is doing.

Everyone is defining themselves with something else other than who they really are. Everyone is a “boxer”, “mixed martial artist” or a “judoka”.

Everyone is collecting an external identity instead of becoming something unique — who they actually are.

People are afraid to fully express themselves and create their own styles. Instead they pick an existing martial art to define themselves and thus become a mere copycat.

They don’t see that you alone can be enough. You don’t need anything else to define who you are. This sounds like Zen mumbo jumbo, but this is the truth.

I do me and I don’t care about what anyone else thinks. I want people to laugh at me, because I understand that they don’t know what I know and can’t understand what I understand.

All doubters will eventually be proven wrong.

So what are the actual traditional martial arts then about?

Traditional martial arts are about the underlying principles and about the THEME.

The techniques and forms are there to help you understand the principle. Once you get it, you can move on.

Here are some good examples of what different martial arts are really about:

Karate: STEEL.

Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu (Samurai schools): Combat is a high risk game — eliminate all of the unnecessary movement and deliver the killing strike with the shortest and most compact way possible.

Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu (Ninjutsu schools): War is deception.

Taichi: Relaxation and contraction creates power like a snake strike. Be like water and go with the flow.

Judo: Finding the leverage point where you can throw off your enemy out of balance and use that to your advantage.

Aikido: Controlling the flow of the enemy to your advantage.

Taekwondo: Dexterity and agility.

Muay thai: Hardness.

Wrestling: Breaking the mind of your enemy with constant physical pressure.

BJJ: Overcoming the enemy with your mind.

Obsessing over one theme is a joke.

Everyone is different and you are capable of mastering many different aspects of fighting. Different martial arts are just different aspects of real fighting.

Aikido is high level but it alone won’t work. The balance is found between the fire and water — the hardness and softness. Masculine and feminine.

Some people are inclined towards hardness and some softness. Yet, you cannot be 100% just one.

My body is half Karate and half Tai Chi and my mind is similar to Bujinkan.

I have used the martial arts as guidance for understanding myself, but I don’t practice any of these arts. I don’t practice their techniques because they are techniques of someone else — not mine.

Yet, I am more Karate or Tai Chi than anyone who is alive today. I am the greatest Bujinkan artist because I understand what the art is truly about.

Who are you?