What Most People Think is The Best, is NOT the Best

What Most People Think is The Best, is NOT the Best

In 2015 while I was living in Vietnam I got a severe toothache and had to go see the dentist to get a filling.

I found two places I felt I WOULDN’T get butchered in: one expensive place with a small amount of reviews that were around 4/5.

Then another one which wasn’t as expensive but had hundreds of 5/5 reviews and was praised by a number of Westerners.

Obviously I chose the second one — it was the better one right?

The place was average at best ,but I got the filling cheaply done and thought everything was fine. 6 months later I started to experience pain AGAIN in the same tooth, but this time I was living in Finland and could visit the local private dentist.

To my shock it turned out that the filling was poorly done and the dentist didn’t even recognize the material it was done with. I had been butchered after all.

Because the filling was so poorly done, I had to get root canal treatment that cost multiple visits and around $400. My poor decision in Vietnam cost me lots of money, health and time.

The place I went in Vietnam wasn’t highly praised because it was the best — it was highly praised because it was merely good enough for the cheap price the people were willing to pay.

I should have known better since the place was full of health tourists, mostly from Australia, who had so bad teeth that it was cheaper for them to visit Vietnam than to get high quality work done in Australia.

Later, I moved to Croatia in 2016 and noticed a similar trend.

While I was looking for good restaurants to visit, I looked into Tripadvisor and other similar sites and decided to go to the restaurants that had the best reviews.

Some of the restaurants that had hundreds of 5/5 reviews turned out to be the worst restaurants I have ever gone to. Food was shit and I got diarrhea as an added bonus.

I found out that most people don’t care about the quality of the food and things like hygiene or customer service that much.

For most, it’s far more important to get cheap food in big proportions than to get expensive food in smaller proportions.

This is why some of the best and cleanest restaurants I have gone to, usually have only 4/5 in reviews.

The poor reviews come from the cheap fucks who think they should get more food since they are paying a higher price, or from the insecure people who don’t feel comfortable visiting a nice restaurant where the quality is actually good.

Apparently if a place is too good, it’s no longer “good” for most people who have a different set of criteria and standards.

Moreover, people are biased. They want to believe they get the best deal when in reality they are choosing a shitty one.

The average people like to badmouth the top places, because they themselves don’t feel good enough to visit these places.

So what is the best criteria instead?

I generally take a look at the website and gallery. If the place looks high quality and everything is top notch, the food or the service is very likely at the same level.

The price is often a lot higher but the quality of the experience always trumps living like a bum.