samuli tapio who else

Who Else? Nobody Else.

Almost everyone in this world is trying to be someone else.

No one is comfortable in their own skin. Everybody lack confidence. 

When I walk on the street, I look around and ask myself: Who else?

Nobody else.

The answer is always: no-body-else.

Nobody else is doing what I am doing, because I am doing my own path. I am doing me.​

Nobody else has the same appearance and personality I have. Nobody else is a better me than myself. ​

Put anything in front of me, and the answer will always be "nobody else."

Only when someone has what I have, and he is better, I stand up and aim to thrive. ​I only compete with my own kind. I don't try to compete in games I cannot win. 

There are two kinds of people: performers and directors, and everything between these two. 

​When you are a performer, you aren't competing with directors. You might collide, but your focus is on becoming the best performer, not the best director. 

Other ways to see this duality are: fire/water, apes/snakes, and workers/owners. 

Almost everyone, who is a performer is trying to compete with directors, trying to emulate them. Or they are directors, and they are trying to imitate performers.

The successful movie directors are the only billionaires in the movie industry. They are the gods of the industry. Do you think they could care less about being an actor?​

Your task in life, is to find which one you really are. Actually, you already are what you are, you are just continuously trying to be the opposite of it. ​

​The effort of being someone else is futile by default. You can only be you.

​Being comfortable in your own skin is just owning yourself.

​Owning everything about you regardless of people's positive or negative perception about it.

Everything about you is good if you own it.

The bad things? ​Good.

Your flaws? Good.

Your great and best things? Good.

You have the ability to turn anything into an advantage. 

Stop looking for a way out.

People are always looking for any excuse to not be themselves.

People are looking for a way out both physically and mentally. ​Drug addicts use external substances to run away from themselves; whereas most people use bullshit rationality instead. 

​Everyone is looking for a way to not be who they are.

Some mental states people accept about themselves; some they don't. The ones they don't like, they run away from.

​I am don't dependent on any physical or mental states to be myself.

When I feel down, I work.

When I feel great, I work.

When my mind is fresh, I work.

When I'm tired, I work.

Feeling weak and tired is an opportunity to see things in a different light. Feeling great is an opportunity to get more work done and be optimistic about the future.

Working is just a way to live life, and I do it regardless of my emotional states. I do what needs to be done, whether I feel like it or not. 

I never stop. I can't stop, because the war has already begun.

But you stop, don't you? Doubt and fear are the enemies of life. 

You have the urge to be someone else, because since you were a kid, you were treated as something you aren't, and as a result, you think being yourself is the wrong thing to be.

When I was a kid, I used to shout: "Fuck you, fuck you, and fuck you too!", because everyone always tried to mold me into something I wasn't.​

Likely, you were treated like you were someone else by people who didn't own themselves, because they weren't sure who they were.

Or maybe you feel less, because you cannot see that some people have just travelled their path for a longer time.

When you are a kid, you are supposed to have nothing. When you mature, you should aim to take everything.​

The crown... it's for anyone who feels worthy enough to take it. Everything you want is an excalibur.

​When you own yourself, you'll feel worthy enough to own everything that is physical and mental about you.

I cannot explain it, but your looks and appearance are interconnected with your personality. If you were to look different, you would no longer be you. 

Your skin, body structure, symmetry and facial structure are the reflections of your personality.

Performers have been gifted with qualities that make them great performers. Directors possess qualities that make them better at what they do: leading, directing, producing and creating. ​

​If you are not as symmetrical as Brad Pitt, then it's all good; you actually have an asymmetrical personality that no one else has.

You can actually think outside the box.

Symmetrical thinking takes you only to this moment. Directors care more about the next moment.​

If you are a director, forget about "living in the moment" bullshit. Your job is to live ahead of the moment you are in right now. Your job is to live in a better reality than we are living in now.

If you are a director, the natural urge is to maximize your freedom in the future.

If you are a performer, you just want to have fun and express yourself in the moment. That's perfect too. People want to see genuine people in a genuine light. 

If I saw you right now, I would immediately your type.

Why? Performers look like performers. Directors look like directors.

If you are a performer, be the performer and find a way to express yourself. If you are the director, be everything you need to be to create the play you need to create.

I wish you nothing but the best,